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Our YA robot book is now available in North America

Another message from Crustias Scattermush, the Senior Repositarian at our sister site: The Repository of Imagination. Tales of imagination and wonder for 9-14 year olds… The Repository of Imagination has entranced sentient life-forms throughout the galaxy and through alternate worlds … Continue reading

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A Christmas message from Crustias Scattermush

Over on our sister website, ATaleForATale.com, there’s a Christmas message from Crustias Scattermush for young human readers. There’s some exciting news, and a homemade Christmas card. Whether that’s Crustias in the picture, I can’t say. Crustias is the senior branch Repositarian … Continue reading

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I say “The High Street”, you say… “The Main Street” !?!!

A woman walks into a convenience store outside Portland, and asks the guy behind the counter to get her some fags. The guy frowns and looks at her more closely. There’s a kind of manic look behind her eyes. She … Continue reading

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