Garrison (novelette)

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“…the only thing I can say that was wrong was I would have liked a 1000 more pages and 6 more volumes.”amazon review

“I was transposed back 60 years … when we scraped slit trenches into the ground and lay in the path of an advancing group of tanks.” review

On the contested Iron Flats, two young recruits face their first battle. Will they die? Will glory cover them or ignominy taint their name? Only the morrow will tell.

Watching over them is enigmatic veteran, Von.  He knows that when soldiers fail, the army relies on veterans to fix them… whatever it takes…

Starship Troopers meets archers and spider-cavalry in this military fantasy novelette from Greyhart Press, written by an author who has served in the Armed Forces.  (This book 12,000 words long. If it was a paperback, it would be about 48 pages.)

“… a fun read and an interesting view into the psychology of the military mind.” — amazon review

“Military SF at its best.” review


27 Nov 2011 : Looked at the listing, and delighted to find Garrison is #4 in the War Fiction bestsellers.

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