Our science fiction books

Here is our list of science fiction stories. Click on the story name to find the page on this site dedicated to that story.

The First Last Robot a YA short story by David Fraser (Dec ’11)

‘The First Last Robot’ is a YA science fiction short story with a wickedly sly sense of humor. In older readers David Fraser’s story will spark happy memories of early Asimov and Heinlein juveniles.

 Terminus a space opera/ horror novel by Paul Melhuish (Sept ’11)

Hammer Horror meets Aliens in this fast-paced tale of horror, love, and betrayal, where the fate of all humanity rests on the actions of an anti-hero with a hangover.

 Last Man Through the Gate a novella by Tim C. Taylor (Sept ’11)

Steampunk collides with time-travel to inspire this story of isolation, hope, and revelation.

Babelv3flat_400px_72_dpiBabel by Paul Melhuish (July ’11)

For centuries the Skyfirean colonists have raped the planet of Babel and sold its trusting inhabitants as slaves. So with the planet’s rightful owners coming home, the colonists cast around desperately for allies. But an alliance with the servants of the Destroyer is never going to end well…

RescueStoriesv3Final400px_150dpiRescue Stories by Andy West (May ’11)

When their ship crashes, the post-human crew of the Hermes launch a desperate bid to accelerate the technological development of the primitive natives, so that when the crew awake from hibernation they might find a civilisation ready to repair the ship. Memetically primed to search out and assist God’s Hidden Angels, how will the natives react when they finally encounter the  crew?

 Ferryman by Nigel Edwards (April ’11)

 Could the Ferrymen become real in your lifetime? Should they? Read this thoughtful and disturbing near-future science fiction story and decide for yourself.


Future Speculation by Tim C. Taylor  (April ’11)

How the greatest stock market bubble of all time burst.

SF action.


 No More Than Human by Tim C. Taylor  (April ’11)

A gritty tale of colonisation. In an era dominated by transhumans, what is the point of natural humans?



 Speak, Vaccine! Speak! by Tim C. Taylor  (April ’11)

You are the final generation crew of a centuries-spanning colonisation mission. When you reach your destination, what if someone was waiting for you?



 The Meandering Mayham of Thogron Throatbiter by Tim C. Taylor  (April ’11)

Barbarians run amok across the galaxy. But even the best trips have to end sometime. SF humour.

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