The Reality War (2-novel series)

Book1 Kindle edition out now on special offer! (free – please check price first) | (77p) ePUB edition Apple iTunes (free!)  | Smashwords (free!) | Kobo (free) | Sony (free) | Nook (free)

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“The concept of time-travel, paradox and alternate reality has always been mind-blowing and now a mind-blowing novel to live up to it.  Hollywood check this out!”Bookish Things 5 stars

“Terse, tense and emotional, the Slough of Despond generates a cool balance between science, history and human relationship.” —The Green Porch

In 1992, Radlan Saravanan runs a small business out of a Tudor cottage in the sleepy English village of Elstow. But Radlan was born in 2951, and when he falls in love with a local girl, he has to choose between running from his own people and condemning his lover to die.

He makes the wrong choice.

Travelling into the past, falling in love… it turns out that he was meant to do these things. He’s been manipulated all along. But now he’s slipped his handlers, and Time isn’t following the right script any more. Other versions of history vie for dominance, and our human reality is losing.

In 1992, Radlan Saravanan sparked The Reality War.

The Reality War is a two-novel series loosely inspired by The Pilgrim’s Progress, and set in Bedfordshire. It is both an action-adventure series, and a spiritual journey made by two people, mirror images of each other from rival realities.

The Reality War Book1: The Slough of Despond is available now as a Kindle and ePUB eBook, and in paperback.

The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction is out now for Kindle and ePUB. Paperback edition to follow – expected end of September 2012.

Read a sample of Book 1 (this uses Amazon’s previewer which doesn’t properly respect the book’s formatting)

A slightly different cover for the paperback. Kindle versions get the strip down the left, and ePUB a mixture


Jan 7th 2013: Review on A Bit of Dash: “mind twisting and time twisting”

Oct 26th 2012: Book 2 eBook now available from Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo

July 9th 2012: Book2 released for Kindle

Mar 23rd 2012: Interviewed at SciYourFi. Win free copies!

Mar 6th 2012: Five stars from Bookish Things: “Mind-blowing!”

Feb 27th 2012: The Slough of Despond reviewed by The Brontë Sister. The book goes down well with 19th-century literary family!

Feb 23rd 2012: The Slough of Despond reviewed on The Green Porch. The book goes down well in Texas!

Jan 31st 2012: Tim posts article entitled: ‘The perils of Plotting a Time Travel Novel’

Jan 27th 2012: Call for beta reviewers

Jan 25th 2012: Tim posts about the connection between John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress and The Reality War

Jan 17 2012: Tim interviewed about worldbuilding and The Reality War

Oct 14th 2011: Tim’s guest article on why he chose the location of Elstow

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