Future Speculation (short story)

Future Speculation or “The Greatest Stock Market Crash of All Time”

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Joel thought briefly about turning and letting off a snapshot but then his feet found the factory floor and he needed to move. Fast. But where to? He leaped onto the conveyer belt, bouncing awkwardly off a robot arm as it disassembled a finished device back into its component parts…

Joel is a gun-for-hire, professionally disinterested in politics or business affairs. His paymasters are a different matter, and he finds himself in a fight to the death over the fate of the greatest stock market bubble of all.

Future Speculation mixes the action of a shoot-em-up with the frantic pace of the Lehmann Brothers collapse.

This Greyhart Press e-book is a short story, a perfect length to enjoy on your lunch break, or to complement a drink in your favorite coffee house.

“…you could become hooked on this style and author.” — Amazon review comment

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