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Stalker/s… a fantastic new thriller release by Lauren J Hasbrouck

Fantastic news just in from Greyhart author, Lauren J Hasbrouck, whose latest novel has just been released by NineStar Press. Stalker/s is a horror thriller following a young man in the aftermath of a global pandemic that results in ‘stalkers’: ghoulish creatures who don’t shamble in hordes—they hide in the darkness waiting to strike, teeth bared in ghastly grin.

You can read an excerpt and buy the book on the NineStar Press website here, and the Kindle edition is available from Amazon here.

It’s great to see Lauren do so well. We’ve kept in touch since her two illustrated Lineage of Tellus novels that came out from Greyhart Press in 2014/15 and I’m delighted to announce her good news. I’ve not read her book yet, but I’ve bought it and am looking forward to doing so later in the month.

Lauren isn’t the only busy Greyhart author. I’ve read two very different but highly enjoyable novels from two other talented authors who were published by Greyhart. I don’t believe either have yet been published, but I’m looking forward to announcing when they are. Also, congratulations to Nick Ganaway whose political thriller To Free a Spy was published for a time by Greyhart Press (Nick asked for his rights back) and is I believe the first Greyhart title to receive over a hundred reviews on amazon.com. Well done, Nick.

In terms of publishing new titles, Greyhart Press is on hiatus – probably indefinitely – but most of our books are still available, including Lauren’s.

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Honed thrills from Thomas Rydder

Dark fantasy, ancient shapeshifters in the Pennsylvania woods, ghostly bikers and the perils of dark magic… These are some of the tales cooked up in the imagination of author Thomas Rydder. After a while away, I am proud and delighted to announce that Mr. Rydder is back with Greyhart Press.


Lovers of novels by Dean Koontz, Stephen King or Michael Crichton are in for a treat because Thomas’s novel, The Clearing, has been honed into a second edition with a sharper focus and an intensified relationship between the main characters: former Marine officer turned sheriff, Frank Cutlip, and Professor Beth Lowe. Better still for those of you in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program, you can borrow both The Clearing and Restless Souls: 3 dark fables for free. Both books are available now in paperback and Kindle editions.

Ah, yes, Restless Souls. It’s always unsatisfying to compare one author to another because, as with other writers, Thomas Rydder has his own style. Nonetheless, if The Clearing is akin to a solid Dean Koontz novel, Restless Souls: 3 Dark Fables is a collection of a short story, a novelette, and a novella that reminds me of Stephen King in a particularly dark mood.


Further information on Thomas Rydder:

Amazon.com author page

amazon.co.uk author page

The Clearing Greyhart Press page


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Reaper’s Walk — out now in audio

ReapersWalkHellstone_AudioDon Franklin’s dark thriller of magic, revenge and demons is out now in audio.

You can get Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone from Amazon or from Audible. The narrator is Jeane July. I got my copy this morning and I have to say she does a marvelous job.

This isn’t a Greyhart publication, Don’s organized this himself and I wish him every success with his excellent story.

For more about Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone, follow this link.

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Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone — audiobook and a SEQUEL!

Don Franklin was busy selling his horror novel, "Reaper's Walk: Hellstone"

Don Franklin selling his horror novel, “Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone”. Get ready for the sequel…

Great news for Don Franklin fans.

First up, Don will be releasing an audiobook edition of his paranormal thriller, Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone.

Secondly, the news that fans of the first book have been waiting for… he’s working hard on the second book in the series, Reaper’s Walk: Bloodstone. Can’t wait.

If you want to check out the first book, the Kindle edition is free for a limited period on Amazon by following this link.  Offer ends midnight Monday, 13th July. Spread the news! Don was at #13 in the amazon.com horror charts earlier today. Let’s see if we can boost him higher.

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Limited offer: get this acclaimed supernatural thriller for free

Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone is one of the fastest paced and most disturbing books Greyhart Press has yet published. For a limited period, you can download the Kindle edition of this acclaimed horror thriller for free. Follow this link.

Offer ends Monday July 12th

Reaper's Walk

Reaper’s Walk

Not sure? Read this sample of reviews. Then download the book and reserve some time, because you won’t want to put this book down.

A selection of reviews

“…does an amazing job of pulling you into the story and giving you people to love … and hate!” — amazon.com review

I loved the mixture of cultures, the blend of European and African magic…” — amazon.com review

“…has all the elements of a top-notch horror story and a thriller.” — amazon.com review

“…draws on a melange of sources from European, African and American mythology to construct a dense weave of a tale…” — Goodreads review

“If you like things like werewolves, vampires, Bruja, and Brujura then this is the book for you.” — Immortal Crimson Reviews

“…incorporates just about every conceivable form of monster there is and turns them on two young women, Lita and Lydia.” — Goodreads review

“I flew through it because it kept my attention and there was no lack of action/drama going on during the story.” — Goodreads review

Download this book now.

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Red Sky in the Morning – it’s launch day!

RedSkyMorning_400px“… be prepared for tears as I challenge you not to fall in love with these characters…” from an Amazon 5-star review

Get your copy of the latest novel of romance and rebellion from #1 bestselling author, Bob Atkinson.

Available now in paperback and Kindle editions.

Don’t allow the Jacobite dream to die. Read this book today.

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Red Sky in the Morning gets 5/5 stars at RBD Reviews

Reviews by Dayna picked up Bob Atkinson’s new release and gave Red Sky in the Morning top marks. Here’s one of the comments:

The vivid scenes he paints will take you there, where you’ll witness the struggle that could change everything.

You can read the full review here.

Well done, Bob, and thanks to Dayna for picking this up.


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