The Death of the Wave (dystopian novel)


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“I had sent the words out into the world and there is no going back.

For it is the words that defines immortality.

It is the mere fact that the words exist at all.

I was to save the people no matter the cost.

And if I die, I will live on under my name.

For I am words and words know how to wait.”


Following the fall of the modern world, the State of Eden is divided into two distinct classes that all adolescents must test into. Students with math and science aptitude enjoy a high quality of living and technology in the Palaces, but in the Camps, students with artistic and verbal abilities must scrounge to survive.

Breaker 256, a policewoman who was born into poverty, had always followed the rules for the sake of her family. But when the unthinkable upends her world forever, she is faced with an irrevocable decision: take down the State, and face defeat, anarchy, and death, or stand idly by to watch the sufferings of all of that she cares for.

TheDeathoftheWave2Written in stark, unrhymed verse that reflects the desolate world of Eden, The Death of the Wave  asks what is most important —is it the person who tells the tale or the fact that the story has been told at all?

The Death of the Wave will delight aficionados of dystopian futures and literary science fiction.

Available now in paperback and eBook editions…


Artwork by Karri Klawiter

News & Resources

19March 2014 — Launch announcement

Screenshots from the Kindle Fire edition

Screenshots from the Kindle Fire edition

Screenshot from the Kindle for iPad edition

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