Dystopian novel ‘The Death of the Wave’ published today

Today I am proud to announce the launch of The Death of the Wave by G. L. Adamson, a literary dystopian novel written in unrhymed verse to perfectly capture the desolate nature of the story.

As I’m sure you know, there is a wave of popularity for dystopian fiction that comes in the wake of the The Hunger Games. It’s been a boost for a literary style that has always been with us. Although there is much in her novel to delight Hunger Games fans, Adamson sinks far deeper literary and philosophical roots. When I first saw the manuscript, I could sense George Orwell rubbing shoulders with George R. R. Martin, Jean-Paul Satre re-mixing Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. Adamson takes those rich influences and uses them to build something that’s all hers and all new. The Death of the Wave is a challenging and often uncomfortable read, but it is not a book you will forget in a hurry. I certainly didn’t.


Adamson explains the driver for her novel thus: “A villain always thinks himself the hero. That is the main point that drove this book, as it is told through three distinct points of view around several fictional historical events, each looking at the events from a different side. There are several rebellions in this novel, all revolving around a character that seems to be the main protagonist. Some characters do extraordinary things. All do some pretty awful things in order to further their cause, and every last one thinks that they are the hero of their own story, and in that way, they are right.”

The book is available now. Follow this link for the paperback and this for the Kindle edition.

For more information, visit the book’s webpage or connect to the author through the book’s Facebook page.

The State of Eden.

 A world that was once our world.  A State where standardized testing and the Citizen Evaluation Exam governs the lives of the masses, and there is sharp delineation between those who are gifted in science and mathematics and the rest of the populace, between Camps and Palaces, between rich and poor. Welcome to a world where genetically engineered humans compete with all others in a quest for intellectual dominance. Welcome to a State where a single reminder of the past can get you killed.

 Welcome to the rule of law without morality that shudders upon the brink of revolution.

Welcome to Eden.

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at humanlegion.com
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