Rescue Stories (novelette)

RescueStoriesv3Final400px_150dpiRescue Stories (A science fiction novelette)

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“…pleasantly surprised and entertained by the ending.” — review

“Found the characters very engaging.” — Smashwords review

“It’s very straightforward,” stated the culture-officer, with an edge of self-satisfaction. “If we can’t survive long enough for the natives to reach the required level of civilisation naturally, why then we’ll simply accelerate their development so they get there much sooner, when we are still alive and wholly capable!”

When their ship crashes, the post-human crew of the Hermes launch a desperate bid to accelerate the technological development of the primitive natives, so that when the crew awake from hibernation they might find a civilisation eager and able to repair the ship. Memetically primed to search out an assist God’s Hidden Angels, how will the natives react when they finally encounter the post-human crew?

Rescue Stories was a runner-up in the BSFA 50th Anniversary Short Story Competition.

Andy West is a rising star of the SF world and this is first title for Greyhart Press. His short fiction has recently appeared in anthologies alongside such authors as Neil Gaiman, Stephen Baxter, Charles Stross, and Sarah Pinborough. He has co-written a techno-thriller trilogy  with Ian Watson.

This Greyhart Press e-book is a novelette, a perfect length to enjoy in one sitting over a lazy lunchtime.

The story is 8,000 words long, which would be about 32 pages in paperback.

Note: “Rescue Stories” is included in Andy’s collection Engines of Life: Tales of Evolution. Since it didn’t seem right to ask readers to pay for “Rescue Stories” and then pay again for Engines of Life, we have made “Rescue Stories”  available for free from those retailers who allow it. We have withdrawn the book from Amazon as they do not allow us to set the price to be free, but Kindle lovers can still download Andy’s story from Smashwords in the Kindle book format. 

Rescue Stories currently qualifies for the READ! REVIEW! REPEAT! promotion. The first 100 people to review this book can claim any other Greyhart Press title for free.


14 July 13 – Rescue Stories now available for FREE

7 July 13 – Rescue Stories is included in Andy West’s collection – Engines of Life: Tales of Evolution

18 Dec 12Andy publishes a controversial free novelette about climate change, and releases a 3-part techno-thriller.

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