Red Sky in the Morning (novel)

Available now in  paperback  and Kindle eBook  on Amazon

From the #1 bestselling author, Bob Atkinson, comes a tale of Romance and rebellion.


Stunning artwork by Jon Banchick

The Scottish Highlands, 1746. The history books are telling Andy Macmillan, a British soldier from the 1970s, that Jacobite dreams are about to end in slaughter at the Battle of Culloden.

But Andy isn’t reading a book; he’s there himself in the Great Glen, awaiting the full force of redcoats to descend upon the rebels he’s sided with.

Desperate straits lead to unexpected alliances. Can Andy and the Highlanders trust turncoat Lieutenant Longholme?

The disfigured British officer has the power to turn both the battle and a lady’s heart.

But whose side is he really on?

Red Sky in the Morning, can be enjoyed by itself, or as a sequel to the #1 bestseller, ‘The Last Sunset’.

Scottish romance novel

Here are some comments on the previous book, The Last Sunset

alternate history bestseller

“Readers too can find themselves dragged into the lives of the various characters in the  book, which are well described as real people…” —  Lochaber Life

“…you will spend the rest of the day thinking about it once you close the back cover!” —  Book Worm Brandy

“…brought me to tears and I would wager the author is writing from personal experience.”online review

time travel romance bestseller“Often high in tension, sometimes sad in events but always ripping with suspense.”online review

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