Greyhart editor releases debut adventure fantasy with an exotic setting

Ashamet-CoverCongratulations to Terry Jackman, who did a great job editing some Greyhart titles a while ago, because her debut novel is on pre-order now, published by Dragonwell Publishing.

I haven’t read the book myself, but I have read Terry’s work before, and it is very good. Hence I’ve pre-ordered a copy myself from Amazon. I suspect Ashamet, Desert Born would go down particularly well for readers of our Greyhart fantasy series: The Lineage of Tellus.

“Headstrong was the least they said about me. Unpredictable, a wicked sense of humour? Gods, I hoped so.”

 A desert world. An empire where females are rare and males turn to each other for love.

And for Ashamet, its prince, a suddenly uncertain future…


All Ashamet wants is the warrior life he already has. But then a divine symbol appears on his arm, closely followed by an attempt on his life. Now nothing is simple any longer, even less so when a new and very foreign slave seems shocked by both his new surroundings – and his master’s amorous attentions.

Could this innocent young male hold the key to Ashamet’s survival? And to his heart?

Further details from Dragonwell Publishing.

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at
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3 Responses to Greyhart editor releases debut adventure fantasy with an exotic setting

  1. SGT MIKE says:

    Upon your recommendation I will check it out, but I would prefer to be buying new and interesting books under the Greyhart Press banner!!!

    • timctaylor says:

      Well, there is an excellent book on its way from Bob Atkinson, the follow-up to ‘The Last Sunset’. Can the rebels defeat the redcoats in 1745? It’s been edited and on the shelf since last fall, but the cover artist has been very unwell. He’s recovering, thankfully, and from his initial sketches before he fell ill, the artwork will be well worth the wait.

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