Terminus (novel)

Read Review RepeatTerminus – a space opera/ horror novel

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…the horror is more horrifying because you care about the main character.” (amazon review comment)


Sii Terminus is a space-gannta, a loser crewing deep-space freighters whose best friend is a bottle of snakki. Until one day he is chosen to command an unusual mission to ferry a diplomat to the obscure, dead world of Thanatos One. Except the planet is not as dead as it seems, and Terminus has not been chosen by accident…

Hammer Horror meets Aliens in this fast-paced tale of horror, love, and betrayal, where the fate of all humanity rests on the actions of an anti-hero with a hangover.

Terminus is Paul Melhuish’s debut novel, and won’t be his last tale set in the worlds of the Skyfire Saga. In fact, a short story sequel, Babel, is already available.

Paul Melhuish

Like Tolkien, many authors lovingly craft unique languages and dialects to add realism and colour to their fiction. Paul is no exception and has posted an article explaining Skyfirean vernacular entitled: Bad Language: learn yerself Skyfirean.

Click here to read a free online sample of the first few chapters. (But please note that the formatting in Amazon’s sampler widget is not as good as it will look on your eReader)

News about Terminus

11 Sept 12  – We’ve added a Skyfire Chronicles timeline (on this page, above) in advance of the new Skyfire collection out later this month called Unauthorized Contact

16 Oct 11 – Weird creatures: Paul’s blog explains some of the nasties you might encounter if you were stupid enough to set foot on Thanatos One.

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