Our horror books

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 In the Rain with the Dead a novel by Mark West

When the Devil’s servant smells the purity of Jim and Nadia’s affection, his master orders him to rend and corrupt their love. He obeys with relish…

 The Mill a novelette by Mark West

At the Bereaved Partners’ Group, Michael learns that he is not the only one left behind who can hear the departed beckon them… to the Mill.

 Terminus a space opera/ horror novel by Paul Melhuish. Set in the Skyfire Saga.

Hammer Horror meets Aliens in this fast-paced tale of horror, love, and betrayal, where the fate of all humanity rests on the actions of an anti-hero with a hangover.

Babelv3flat_200px_72_dpiBabel a short story by Paul Melhuish set in the Skyfire Saga

For centuries the Skyfirean colonists have raped the planet of Babel and sold its trusting inhabitants as slaves. So with the planet’s rightful owners coming home, the colonists cast around desperately for allies. But an alliance with the servants of the Destroyer is never going to end well…

Fearworld a short story by Paul Melhuish

The photophobes are summoned to our dimension during an occult TV spectacular. Only one man knows how to strike back.


Necroforms a short story by Paul Melhuish

The dead sometimes sleep easily, but not for the reasons you might think! Paranormal horror in a rural English village.

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