Paul Melhuish

Paul Melhuish

Paul Melhuish has been writing since he can remember, and wrote his first novel aged fifteen. His mother typed it out and was so shocked by the language and violent content of the story that very little of the shocking element remained. He studied English, Drama and Sociology at the University of Northampton, and sometime after that qualified as an Occupational Therapist at Oxford Brookes University. Paul also inadvertently walked across a minefield whilst doing voluntary work in Lebanon, probably the stupidest thing he’s ever done.

He is a member of the Northampton Science Fiction Writers’ Group and has had short stories published in various magazines, and the anthology Shoes, Ships & Cadavers alongside authors such as Ian Watson and Sarah Pinborough. His short stories Fearworld and Necroforms are available from Greyhart Press. So too is Babel, set in the same universe as Terminus and something of a prequel.

Paul like to scare us with his writing, his fiction often featuring hideous monsters, and anti-heroes who just might come good when they really have to. For an insight into Paul Melhuish, check out this revealing interview at horror website The Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Latest News

09 Sept 2012 — Paul will be launching his latest book, Unauthorized Contact, at FantasyCon at the end of this month. The idea of two new short stories grew into this collection of five novelettes and shorts set in the Skyfire universe.

26 Apr 2012 — Paul will shortly be contributing two new short stories in the Skyfire Chronicles. Proof copies of the paperback edition of Terminus are in the post.

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  1. bigdonf says:

    hi paul. i really liked the interview at gingernuts! i picked up my copies of terminus and babel today. can’t wait to read them!

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