Stalker/s… a fantastic new thriller release by Lauren J Hasbrouck

Fantastic news just in from Greyhart author, Lauren J Hasbrouck, whose latest novel has just been released by NineStar Press. Stalker/s is a horror thriller following a young man in the aftermath of a global pandemic that results in ‘stalkers’: ghoulish creatures who don’t shamble in hordes—they hide in the darkness waiting to strike, teeth bared in ghastly grin.

You can read an excerpt and buy the book on the NineStar Press website here, and the Kindle edition is available from Amazon here.

It’s great to see Lauren do so well. We’ve kept in touch since her two illustrated Lineage of Tellus novels that came out from Greyhart Press in 2014/15 and I’m delighted to announce her good news. I’ve not read her book yet, but I’ve bought it and am looking forward to doing so later in the month.

Lauren isn’t the only busy Greyhart author. I’ve read two very different but highly enjoyable novels from two other talented authors who were published by Greyhart. I don’t believe either have yet been published, but I’m looking forward to announcing when they are. Also, congratulations to Nick Ganaway whose political thriller To Free a Spy was published for a time by Greyhart Press (Nick asked for his rights back) and is I believe the first Greyhart title to receive over a hundred reviews on Well done, Nick.

In terms of publishing new titles, Greyhart Press is on hiatus – probably indefinitely – but most of our books are still available, including Lauren’s.

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