Limited offer: get this acclaimed supernatural thriller for free

Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone is one of the fastest paced and most disturbing books Greyhart Press has yet published. For a limited period, you can download the Kindle edition of this acclaimed horror thriller for free. Follow this link.

Offer ends Monday July 12th

Reaper's Walk

Reaper’s Walk

Not sure? Read this sample of reviews. Then download the book and reserve some time, because you won’t want to put this book down.

A selection of reviews

“…does an amazing job of pulling you into the story and giving you people to love … and hate!” — review

I loved the mixture of cultures, the blend of European and African magic…” — review

“…has all the elements of a top-notch horror story and a thriller.” — review

“…draws on a melange of sources from European, African and American mythology to construct a dense weave of a tale…” — Goodreads review

“If you like things like werewolves, vampires, Bruja, and Brujura then this is the book for you.” — Immortal Crimson Reviews

“…incorporates just about every conceivable form of monster there is and turns them on two young women, Lita and Lydia.” — Goodreads review

“I flew through it because it kept my attention and there was no lack of action/drama going on during the story.” — Goodreads review

Download this book now.

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2 Responses to Limited offer: get this acclaimed supernatural thriller for free

  1. SGT MIKE says:

    I’ll definitely give this a look!! My wife and mother are into this sort of stuff!! 🙂

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