Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone (novel)

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“If you like things like werewolves, vampires, Bruja, and Brujura then this is the book for you.”Immortal Crimson Reviews

“… does an amazing job of pulling you into the story and giving you people to love … and hate!” 5* review

Follow The Reaper’s Walk series of supernatural thrillers as Lita and her family —  descendants of a dark witch from the 18th century —  form fragile alliances and fight desperate battles with demons, werewolves, witches, and vampires in an attempt to capture the Circle of Stones and escape their doom… because after waiting 10 generations, the Reaper is coming to collect his due…

The first of the Reaper’s Walk series of novels by Don Franklin is out now in paperback and eBook editions.

Artwork by Jonathan Banchick

A selection of reviews

“I am so looking forward to the rest of the series!” — review

“…does an amazing job of pulling you into the story and giving you people to love … and hate!” — review

I loved the mixture of cultures, the blend of European and African magic…” — review

“…has all the elements of a top-notch horror story and a thriller.” — review

“…draws on a melange of sources from European, African and American mythology to construct a dense weave of a tale…” — Goodreads review

“If you like things like werewolves, vampires, Bruja, and Brujura then this is the book for you.” — Immortal Crimson Reviews

“…incorporates just about every conceivable form of monster there is and turns them on two young women, Lita and Lydia.” — Goodreads review

“I flew through it because it kept my attention and there was no lack of action/drama going on during the story.” — Goodreads review


July 12th, 2015  — Great news for Don fans. First up, Don will be releasing an audiobook edition of Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone. And the news you’ve been waiting for… he’s working hard on the second book in the series, Reaper’s Walk: Bloodstone

01 Dec 12: Don will be appearing on the Scary Scribes show on December 30th. If you’ve got an iPhone or Kindle Fire, you can listen to him using the Stitcher Radio app.

30 Nov 12: Reaper’s Walk reviewed at Immortal Crimson Reviews who said: “If you like things like werewolves, vampires, Bruja, and Brujura then this is the book for you.”

10 Responses to Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone (novel)

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  3. 53bryanm says:

    From the first sentence of this book, I was hooked…and the more I read the better it got.

    How Mr. Franklin could come up with such a new and fresh story is just amazing. I love the way the book starts with the curse and then it explodes. What a great mind Mr. Franklin has…to not only imagine such a exciting adventure but to also put it into a book that makes you feel like you are in the middle of all that is going on. This book scared me but I couldn’t put it down wanting to know what was going to happen next.

    t is brilliant the way that the author has woven together so many monsters and it works. If you like vampire stories it has it, if you like werewolf stories it has that also, or demons or witches or voodoo hoodoo it has all that also…and it all works/flows together seamlessly.

    I loved this book and can’t wait for the next story.

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  6. whiggins07 says:

    I was entranced from the beginning. Extremely enjoyable read. I am highly anticipating Bloodstone.
    Go Lycans.

  7. 53bryanm says:

    I enjoyed the book also when I read it. I think the story has a great new spin on it which I sometimes find hard to find…a new twist, new monsters. There isn’t anything wrong with a rerwrite on a famous story or characters as long as it is good…and with new twists.

    Don has written a great story and I have been waiting for Volume 2…since completing this one. You can tell that Don pays attention to detail and I am sure with this storyline it takes time just insuring that no details are missed.

    It is a wonderful read don’t miss it.


    • Thanks, Melissa. I’m delighted you enjoyed Don’s story. It’s a fantastic thrillfest with an edge of darkness that makes it stand head and shoulders above the crowd. The story of the Reaper’s Walk is far from over!

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