The Meandering Mayhem of Thogron Throatbiter (short story)

The Meandering Mayhem of Thogron Throatbiter (an irreverent science fiction short story)

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“… fast-paced, sarcastically funny and based on Brian Blessed at his most bombastic self with a pastiche of Joe Haldeman’s ‘The Forever War’.”5* amazon review comment

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Imagine unstoppable barbarian armies that discover spaceflight. After they have conquered every inhabited planet in their system, what then? They take their pantheon of violence, pillage, and destruction to the stars, of course. But one day, their meandering mayhem must reach its inevitable conclusion.

Take the foreign policy approach of Conan the Barbarian, mix with the insanity of Warhammer 40k, and add a dash of Brian Blessed on one of his louder days; now you have an idea of what lies in store for you in the Meandering Mayhem of Thogron Throatbiter.

This Greyhart Press e-book is a short story, a perfect length to enjoy on your lunch break, or to complement a drink in your favorite coffee house.

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22 Oct 11 The cover art was given a fresh coat of green paint and new stripes. The interior has been smartened slightly but the story is unchanged.

The author wrote more about this story in an intervew here.

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