Supported eReader formats

We support all the main formats:

Kindle (either directly from Amazon’s Kindle Store or downloaded .MOBI files from Smashwords)

EPUB format – read by Sony eReader, Nook, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, Stanza and iBooks app popular on iPhones and iPADs. EPUB is the most portable file format.

PDB – for some Palm devices

Other formats (PDF & LRF) are also downloadable from our Smashwords pages 

The choice of format depends partly upon which retail site you are downloading from. (See Which retail sites sell Greyhart Press stories?) At present, when we create an e-book we create a Kindle version that we provide directly to the Amazon Kindle store. All the other formats are produced for us by Smashwords and distributed by Smashwords to other sites such as the NookBook Store and Apple iBookStore. The upshot is that if you download an EPUB file, for example, the file will be exactly the same whatever site you downloaded from.

You might note one format missing: Microsoft Reader (.lit) When I first started buying ebooks in the early naughties, I bought all my novels in .lit format, so I am disappointed to see the format has such weak support by eReader. However, all is not lost. While we do not directly provide .lit books, you can download DRM-free EPUB files from our pages on Smashwords and convert them to .lit format using the excellent (and free, though please donate if you use it) Calibre e-book management system. (Incidentally, you can work the other way around, as I did. Take your collection of DRM-free .lit files and convert to .MOBI and copy to your Kindle via the USB cable)

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