READ REVIEW REPEAT without Twitter

So, you like the idea of reading books for the price of a review but you aren’t on Twitter. One solution is to get yourself a Twitter account and start tweeting. See towards the bottom of the main Read Review Repeat page for more information.

SignalsBut if you really don’t want to tweet, you can still get involved with the promotion. There are two things you will need to do differently.

1. We prefer it if you still let people know what you think. For example, if you blog, put a copy of your review on your blog as well as on Amazon, B&N or whatever. Tell us the link so that we can link back to you (which could increase your traffic). If you don’t blog, FB or do anything with social media, then that’s okay; we won’t hold it against you.

2. You must tell us that you’ve made a review and then tell us what book you would like next. You can either do this as a comment on the Read Review Repeat page, or send an email to To get you your book, you need to tell us whether you want Kindle or ePUB format, and what email address to send to. If you do have Twitter, please tweet as your preferred means of communication as we will spot tweets more quickly than emails or comments.

If you are unsure about how to write a review, see our page giving some help.

That’s it.

Happy Reading!

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