On the Edge (novelette)

On the Edge by Gill Shutt

On the Edge by Gill Shutt

“This is the story of Sh-har Tianami taken from the Rememberings in the Year of the Strangers.

Listen to me, for I am dead.”

A whispered word here,  a sly suggestion there…

Sh-har Tianami welcomed the outsiders to Home Tree Island, evangelists for the living god Rru-Tia. But when the silvered words were spoken, and the old allegiances broken, this new god would demand blood.

On the Edge is a 12,500 word novelette, the perfect reading length for people on the go. In paperback this is 50 pages of story.

“…had my interest from the first page.” — Amazon review comment

Available now

Paperback (60 pages)  amazon.com ($4.99) | amazon.co.uk (£3.49)

Kindle Edition amazon.com 99c |  amazon.co.uk 77p

ePUB edition  Sony | Kobo | Smashwords   … coming soon to Nook, Kobo, iTunes

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