Our first simultaneous print and eBook launch looms

Had a delivery of proofs from Createspace today, and they look pretty neat. On the top of this site, and our corporate bio all over the web, Greyhart Press is described as an ePublisher. Well, realistically, our sales will continues to be mostly eBooks and I’m very proud to say that. But it’s nice to give people a choice of formats, and — let’s face it — authors would prefer to pull something physical off their bookshelves when people ask ‘have you ever been published?’

So here’s a sneaky look at On the Edge, a 60-page novelette by Gill Shutt, which will retail in the States at $4.99 for the paperback and $0.99 for the eBook. There’s also a proof there for our Reality War paperback, a full-length novel at $9.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the eBook.

It’s still the early stages of an experiment, but it’s exciting so far.

Createspace paperbacks

Our first paperbacks

If you click on the image, you’ll get a slightly sharper image.

And if you want a pre-release copy of On the Edge (eBook edition) then you can head over to Librarything, where it’s part of the Early Reviewer program for March.

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at humanlegion.com
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3 Responses to Our first simultaneous print and eBook launch looms

  1. Congratulations! I know how exciting it is to hold that first physical copy in your hands. I like the look of your covers, and that one line “Listen to me. For I am dead.” is a killer hook.

    • timctaylor says:

      Thanks, Betsy. You’re right. Although this is Gill Shutt’s book, and her killer hook, I did the text layout and cover design. So I had all the full-on excitement of pulling the book out of the box and being delighted with the result.

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