Speak, Vaccine! Speak! (short story)

Science Fiction short story by Tim C. Taylor

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You are in the crew of Earth’s first extra-solar colonisation fleet. It has taken generations to reach your destination, and now you are finally there. What if you found someone or something was expecting you?

Praise for the original version of this story from the Aphelion Webzine forums

   “I’ve read tons of Science Fiction and I swear I think this is a completely new concept.  How very rare.”

    “The reveal played out sort of like the collapsing of tumblers in a lock, with a well-paced ‘ah-ha’ factor.”

    “…an original concept and delectable metaphor for political and social control!”

Speak, Vaccine! Speak! currently qualifies for the READ! REVIEW! REPEAT! promotion. The first 100 people to review this book can claim any other Greyhart Press title for free.


2nd Dec 11: A new cover and a spring clean to the internal formatting. It will take a short while for the  new, red cover to replicate to all retailer sites.

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