Elaine Stirling

Photo: Russell Howe

We live our lives in chapters, Joseph Campbell used to say, and not until later decades do we see the curving arc, how all that seemed random and disjointed slowly comes together to support a premise or a common theme. For a long, long time, we don’t know who holds or turns the kaleidoscope.

I’ve been a “professional” writer since 1985, by virtue of having sold my first of ten Harlequin romances in that year. Five of those were romantic suspense because I love a good mystery as much as a good love story. In subsequent years, while attempting to write a godawfully serious and tragic historical nonentity, I sold short fiction to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and  Fantasy and Science Fiction. To keep food on the table, I became a corporate communication consultant and ended up quite enjoying that too. My first nonfiction book, The Corporate Storyteller: A Writing Manual & Style Guide for the Brave New Business Leader, was published in 2009

A friend in Tokyo told me a great story about a woman reading my book in a stall in the ladies’ rest room and laughing her head off. She emerged to find Japanese women staring at her, horrified. The world learns better with humour, I believe. You can learn more about me at my website elainestirling.wordpress.com/.

Review quotes

“Stirling has created an inspiring epic in less than fifty pages.”review of ‘The Mexican Saga’

“I’m very glad it wasn’t written in an old, traditional prose. It was lively and kept me wanting to read it… most poetry bores me.”review of ‘The Mexican Saga’

 DeadtoRights_200px Dead Edit Redo 200px


13 March 2013 Dead Edit Redo is launch. Read the press release here.

06 Feb 2013 Elaine’s novella Dead Edit Redo will be published in March 2013 at the same time as her compatriot’s collection of glosa poetry, Dead to Rights by Alain C. Dexter.

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