Dead Edit Redo (novella)

“A novella of horror and good medicine.”

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Dead Edit Redo v3

Artwork: Gavriel Navarro

Professor and best-selling poet Alain C. Dexter leaps to his death at Valletta Falls, moments after posting his final Facebook update, in the shape of a woman’s breasts. Thousands of fans click Like and move on; only one, in a small Icelandic town, sees through the morbid wit and takes measures to save him. Meanwhile, Constable Elsie Kalahash of the Ontario Provincial Police just wants to go on holidays. But when you’re a Cree medicine woman trained in the Backward-Facing Path, there are no days off.

Discover the story behind the glosas from Dead to Rights: A Circularity of Glosas, in this fictional (?) novella where poets Alain C. Dexter and Gavriel Navarro appear as characters in their own narrative.

Horror, fantasy, thriller, poetry: this novella ticks all those boxes and moves beyond them into that rare category of fiction that is truly unique.”

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14 March 2013 — Book launch day. Read the press release.

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