Fearworld (short story)

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“It’s been years since I read a horror story which actually scared me and ‘Fearworld’ definitely did that. Read it with the lights on.”5* Amazon review comment

“…could identify the things as a form of Dementors as in Harry Potter, but a lot more scary.” – 5* Amazon review comment

Emerging like fish from water, the shapes took form in the air and landed softly among the commuters. A hideous cold accompanied them. Confused passengers saw the monstrosities change shape from formless bodies into uniformed train guards. Uniformed train guards with rubbed-out faces and slits for mouths.


After the photophobes are summoned into our dimension, what hope is there for the survivors? One man, at least, is prepared to strike back!

This Greyhart Press e-book is a short story, a perfect length to enjoy on your lunch break, or to complement a drink in your favorite coffee house. Be warned, though, after reading this story you will want to keep the lights on for a long time. You may develop a morbid fear of Michael Parkinson!

“…very macabre and moody, and just what I wanted…” — Amazon review comment

“Quick story and a fun read. ” — Amazon review comment

“… progresses at a fast pace while building up the suspense.” Amazon review comment

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