Read… Review… Repeat…!

READ… REVIEW… REPEAT… (how to read our eBooks for free)

Read! Review! Repeat!

We’d love you to tell the world what you think of our eBooks. If you join our READ… REVIEW… REPEAT…! promotion, you can win free eBooks. In fact, you can be really sneaky with this, because if you start reviewing with one of our free books, and get reviewing early enough, you could be entitled to win our entire range of eBooks without actually paying for any of them!

Hurry though, each book is only eligible for the promotion while it has less than 100 reviews.

Here’s how it works:

1. Read one of our eligible books

2. Review the book on Amazon, GoodReads, B&N, or iTunes.

3. Tell the world (and us) about your review and ask us for your next book. We’ll email you, for free, a copy of the eBook in the format of your choice.

The easiest and way to do this is through Twitter. The rest of this page explains how to tweet your way through READ REVIEW REPEAT. If you don’t want to use Twitter, we have other ways of joining the promotion.

And if you are unsure about how to write a review, we have some tips here.


At Greyhart Press, we love Twitter. It’s fun, it spreads news at ridiculous speed, and you get to chat with people you would never otherwise meet. @GreyhartPress recently joined Twitter and to make this special, we initially devised READ… REVIEW… REPEAT…! just for Twitter.

READ: one of our stories (including those we’re giving away for free)

REVIEW: the story on Amazon, GoodReads, B&N, or iTunes. Tweet a link to your review (including the text ‘@GreyhartPress’ inside your tweet so we can see it).

REPEAT: Direct Message (DM)  or mention (@) us with the title you want, ePUB or Kindle format, and a contact email address. We’ll email you the story, DRM-free. Note that if you want to DM us, you will need to follow us first (we’ll follow you back).

READ: the new story…

REVIEW: the new story. Tweet about your review…

REPEAT: by asking us to mail you the next story for free…



Q: Which books can I review to qualify for this offer?

A: Any book that is on sale (although it can be a free book) and where the sum of reviews on amazon + iTunes + B&N +Goodreads is less than 100

Strories published only on our website, such as City of Khar and Percy and Me ‘neath the Yum Gum Tree are not on sale and do not qualify.

You can also qualify by reading and reviewing from this list of eBooks by Greyhart Press authors but published elsewhere (hint: this list will grow soon as we are about to add new authors)

Fables from the Fountain (an Arthur C Clarke tribute by top genre authors including our Andy West, as well as newbies such as Neil Gaiman and Stephen Baxter), Further Conflicts (featuring Tim C Taylor, as well as current Arthur C Clarke Award winner: Lauren Beukes), Welcome Home, Janissary (a sample  story from Further Conflicts).

Q: Hold on? If I start with a free story, does that mean I can read the entire Greyhart Press catalog for free?

A: Yes, though over time eBooks will drop out of the promotion once they have reached 100 reviews (when this happens we will clearly mark the book’s page on our website)

Q: Forever?

A: We’re extending this indefinitely. Once a book has received 100 reviews in total across Amazon, iTunes, B&N and Goodreads, then we will withdraw the offer for that book.

Q: Great. I’m interested but I have a Kindle and some of your stories on the free page aren’t actually free on Amazon. How do I get them onto my Kindle?

A: We’re afraid Amazon will only make books available for free at their discretion, whatever we do as publishers. For a long time, our only free book was Waif and that was only free for US customers, even though the others were available for free on Barnes & Noble, iTunes and elsewhere. If one of our titles is free anywhere, it will be free at a retailer called Smashwords. Once you have your title up at Smashwords, you need to download the Kindle reading format and copy the file to your Kindle device over the USB cable that comes with your Kindle.

You can find all the links to free titles at our free offers page.

You might be able to help out! On the Amazon sales page, under product details, there is a link to tell us about a lower price. If enough people click this link, and give Amazon the web address of our book for free on B&N or iTunes, then Amazon might set their price to zero too.

Q: So what’s to stop me reading all your books and giving them all stinky 1-star reviews?

A: Nothing; certainly not us. For your review we’d like you to write a sentence or two about what you liked and what (if anything) you didn’t like, or didn’t see enough of. It’s not for us to tell you what rating you should give. If you didn’t like our story, we’re sorry but no hard feelings if you give a bad review. Ask for another story and we hope you’ll enjoy the next one more.

Q: What about paperbacks? Do they qualify if I review them? Can I have a free paperback?

A: You cannot claim free paperbacks with this promotion, but reviewing a paperback edition does count as a qualifying review.

You can claim free copies of forthcoming paperbacks by enrolling on out beta reader program. Not only will you receive a copy of the finished paperback, but your name will be in the acknowledgements. Contact us for more information.

Q: Twitter? What’s that?

A: Come on! Now we know you’re not serious. But you might not have got into Twitter… yet. Now’s your chance!

Here’s how to get on Twitter.

1. If you’ve not yet got an account. Go to and get one for free.

2. To follow us follow this link in you Internet browser and click on the Follow button

3. Here’s an example of a tweet (a message) with a link to your review. This is what we’d like you to send so you spread the message (good or bad) about our stories.

“Just gave 5 stars to ‘Waif’ from @GreyhartPress

Note that the tweet (message) includes @GreyhartPress (all one word – that means we get to see it on our Twitter feed) The link is to a (real) review on Amazon. You find the address by clicking on the ‘permalink’ link next to your review on Amazon. To shorten the address (you will need to do this), either use a shortening service such as or better still use TweetDeck to sit on top of Twitter as this will shorten URLs automatically

4. If you’ve followed us, we’ll follow back and then you can give us a direct message (that’s a tweet that begins ‘D GreyhartPress’) to ask for your free book. Something like this:

“D GreyhartPress Please send Kindle Meandering Mayhem to”

This sends us a direct message (easy for us to spot) asking for the Kindle format version of our title ‘The Meandering Mayhem of Thogron Throatbiter’. Soon as we see that, we’ll mail your book over to you. Happy Reading!  If we haven’t followed you yet, you can mention us instead (put @GreyhartPress in your tweet) or email us your request (you can only DM someone who follows you). By the way, we won’t use your email address to put you on a mailing list or any such nonsense. We’ll just use it to mail you your e-book.

Phew! Sounds a lot if it’s all new to you. Once you’ve got the hang of Twitter this will all be second nature, honest!

If you get stuck, email us at or direct message us (‘DM’ us) on Twitter. And if you really can’t abide the idea of using Twitter, we have other options.

28 Responses to Read… Review… Repeat…!

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  5. davedagruber says:

    The Quest for Elena the Fair ==Review

    This is a quest to stir the imagination. Take the journey and let your mind flow with the images projected. Who will Elena the Fey pick of the three gallant men who would dare to try to get her fancy them? Find out by turning the pages of this beautifully written book. I recommend this book. Reviewed by: Daveda Gruber, owner of Publishing with Passion and Poetry with Passion as well as, author of fifteen books including: “My Blonde World,” “Magical Moments,” “Bruised but Not Beaten,” “Death of a Daughter,” “Steelers Cheers,” “Red Barn and Other Short Stories,” “Cling to the Magic Mere Mortals,” “The Blonde Who Found Jesus,” “A Blonde View of Life,” “Tales of a Tiny Dog,” “More Tales of a Tiny Dog,” “Castle of Ice,” “More Snapshots from my Family Album” and “Snapshots a Blonde View.” I am a professional graphic art designer and I produce professional video productions.

  6. timctaylor says:

    Thanks, Daveda. Glad you like it. I’ll let Gill know.

  7. shadolrds says:

    There is something Dull, Gray or Heartless about Grey Hart Press’s pressing of “The Quest for Elena the Fair” by Gill Shutt. It will cut you to the quick, and quick you to the cuttings, as the squire Govalon, in Serving alone to three Knights journey into the Vanishing Mists,
    Read it and Sea what would make Sir Marik the Wrong so Wronged.
    Listen and Fear what did unspool Sir Darven the Fool.
    Quiver and Quell what did fell the Oxen Sir Jolan.
    Begin here the Tale of the First,
    Read on to the rest of a Saga of 6 Poems,
    “The Legends of Light”

    Loren Foster aka shadolrds
    “From Whom Words Shadow Doles”

  8. There is something Dull, Gray or Heartless about Grey Hart Press’s pressing of “The Quest for Elena the Fair” by Gill Shutt. It will cut you to the quick, and quick you to the cuttings, as the squire Govalon, in Serving alone to three Knights journey into the Vanishing Mists,
    Read it and Sea what would make Sir Marik the Wrong so Wronged.
    Listen and Fear what did unspool Sir Darven the Fool.
    Quiver and Quell what did fell the Oxen Sir Jolan.
    Begin here the Tale of the First,
    Read on to the rest of a Saga of 6 Poems,
    “The Legends of Light”

    Loren Foster aka shadolrds
    “From Whom Words Shadow Doles”

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  12. Suzanne Root says:

    Hi i just reviewed “The Quest for Elena the Fair” on I would like to get “The Ledgends of Light.” For free thanks. Love the promo idea glad i kept reading.

    • timctaylor says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      I’ll be mailing a copy in the next few minutes. Let me know if it didn’t arrive. With all the illustrations it’s almost 2MB, so just be aware if you’ve a slow internet connection.

      Best wishes,

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  17. rospetroff says:

    Just tweeted a review on Elena the Fair. Would like to get The Legends of Light free, if I did this promo correct. Let me know if I did wrong. Is it not possible to review on Smashwords?
    Love this idea of read…review…repeat!!!!!

  18. rospetroff says:

    Forgot to add to please send .epub.

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  20. celib852 says:

    I just finished one of your books Show more
    and found to be greatly to my liking.. The book itself was ” the last sunset” .
    I found it to be very well written, with an interesting, action filled and original story line. I would definitely deserving of 4 stars and almost creeping into the 5 star area so on Amazon I will be giving it a 5 star rating.
    I would very much be interested in getting on your beta reading group but
    don’t need them oin paperback, love the digital medium and would prefer to stay with it.

    • timctaylor says:

      Hi celib852,
      Very glad to hear you enjoyed The Last Sunset. I’ve added you to the beta reader invite list. So next time we have a book needing a beta team, I’ll let you know.
      Best wishes,

  21. Dave says:

    Thanks Tim
    I do appreciate your timely response and I’m looking forward to reading more from Greyhart.


  22. Alysa says:

    Hi –
    I’ve just reviewed Badger’s Waddle, here:
    and here:

    I am interested in reading/reviewing VampCon, by Armand Inezian, next, but I became aware of it via Smashwords and am wondering – would it be possible to get the review copy there, via Coupon? (
    I like to leave reviews there, as well, but unlike Amazon, one needs to buy/acquire books on Smashwords in order to review them there.

    Thank you!

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