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2012 Mayan Apocalypse poetry free on Librarything

Our stunning series of poems, The Mexican Saga, is available for the next two weeks as a Librarything Member Giveaway. If you’re a Librarything member, then you can enter for a chance to win a copy of the eBook. Since … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block! Guest Post by Sabrina Jackson

Get Out of Writer’s Block Today If you’re sitting there in front of your computer and the thought of throwing it out the window is far more appealing than the idea of spending one more crippling second staring at the … Continue reading

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What do you get if you cross a zookeeper with a policewoman?

With her new novelette, On the Edge, due out soon, Gill Shutt’s last book with us, The Legends of Light, continues to pick up great reviews. In the past couple of weeks, Gill gave a couple of interviews about herself, … Continue reading

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The Reality War breaks out today

Time-traveling science fiction series The Reality War launches today with Book1: The Slough of Despond. This is science fiction adventure at its best, with light-touch allegory inspired by The Pilgrim’s Progress, and set in John Bunyan’s home, the sleepy English … Continue reading

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Are you brave enough to enter the mind of Paul Melhuish?

I loved this recent amazon review of Paul’s short story Necroforms. I think the reviewer found the story more than she bargained for. Not entirely her thing, but she wrote: “The imagination of the author is unreal, I sure wouldn’t have thought … Continue reading

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You are a boundless idiot if you read science fiction, horror, or fantasy

You’re on the Greyhart Press website, so there’s a fair chance that you enjoy the fantastic literature of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. But did you know that in enjoying such literary delights, you are displaying boundless idiocy? It’s official. … Continue reading

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Free eBooks and other Greyhart Press events this Feb

FREE BOOK – FEB 4th Tomorrow, Saturday 4th Feb is a free promotion day on Amazon Kindle Stores worldwide for David Fraser’s YA short story The First Last Robot. This is a fun read about chasing robots across the Solar … Continue reading

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Dare you visit The Mill?

Horror novelette The Mill has been slowly picking up an impressive tally of reviews by book bloggers. The latest thumbs up came from The Horror Fiction Review where writer, publisher, and blogger Nick Cato had some fine words to say about … Continue reading

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Get ready for the Mayan Apocalypse

December 21st 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. I’m getting excited about the run-up to this big date. An awful lot of nonsense is getting spouted about it, of course, but that’s all part of the fun. I was … Continue reading

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Our author Gill Shutt has been awarded turtles

Gill with her YA saga-told-in-verse has picked up another great review, this time at YA book blog: Howling Turtle where The Legends of Light was awarded four turtles. If I was awarded turtles, I would have no idea what to do … Continue reading

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