5 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block! Guest Post by Sabrina Jackson

Get Out of Writer’s Block Today

Writer's BlockIf you’re sitting there in front of your computer and the thought of throwing it out the window is far more appealing than the idea of spending one more crippling second staring at the white blank document on the screen that should be filled with the most novel ideas and words that you’ve ever had as a writer—then chances are that you might be faced with a debilitating case of writer’s block.  So that you don’t succumb to the block and vow to never pen another letter again for the rest of your days, do yourself a favor and check out the following tips for getting over it:

Write something—anything!  Although you may feel like you can’t come up with any award-winning material, just start writing!  At least putting some words on a page (even if they aren’t the greatest you can come up with at the time) will be a start.  Let the words flow from you into a rough draft—you can always go back and edit later when the block has passed and you are feeling like your creative self again.


A change of scene?

Get a change of scenery.  Sometimes, the simplest way to keep writer’s block from rearing its ugly head is by switching up your location from time to time.  When you write every day in the same old place, you often fall into the same old monotonous routine that can keep you from coming up with new ideas.  If you spend your time writing in your office at home, try venturing out to a nearby coffee-shop, park or even your public library for a fresh outlook and place that inspires brilliance.

Get rid of the distractions.  If you are someone who logs into Facebook every hour on the hour to see what the latest and greatest is on your mini-feed or to post a status complaining about how you are stuck in a serious writer’s block, then you aren’t helping yourself get over it.  When you give in to distractions like social networking sites, email, talking on the phone, watching TV, etc. you are only hampering yourself from getting any work done.  Keep writer’s block at bay by working in an environment free of distractions and making a promise to disconnect yourself from everything other than your writing until you make some headway.

Take a breather.  When all you are doing is writing, writing and writing, sometimes going at it nonstop can jumble up your mind and put you at risk for stalling out.  If this happens and you reach a place where you don’t know what to write next, put the laptop down and slowly back away from your desk.  Take the pressure off yourself and just take a break to get some fresh air on a walk, talk to a friend or grab a bite to eat.  This much needed step back will allow you to clear your head and come back to your project with a clean slate, ready to get the creative juices flowing again.

Stay positive

Stay positive.  Although writer’s block is undoubtedly very frustrating, it’s imperative to not let the frustration get the best of you.  Often times this condition presents itself as a result of feeling not good enough or stressed out about the quality of work you are producing.  But if you are feeling like this, the thing to remember is that all writers, even the most renowned, have experienced that very same feeling at times.  So with a positive attitude and these tips, do your best to be confident in your craft, trust that the writer’s block will pass and you are sure to be on your way to your next great masterpiece!

Sabrina Jackson is a guest post author who shares with us her tips for getting out of writer’s block.  In addition, Sabrina also enjoys writing about the best free dating sites on the web and what to do if you become involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

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Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at humanlegion.com
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