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Our changing covers

There’s been another change to cover art today, No More than Human gained a new cover. I think it’s tidier, possibly less original but definitely smarter. When we started, we had a common look of bright colour banding top and … Continue reading

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Where Greyhart Press leads, Random House and Penguin follow

Okay, so the big publishers are probably not keeping a nervous eye specifically on our little outfit, but I felt pretty smug reading the current edition of The Bookseller, to find out that, in the UK, the Big Six are … Continue reading

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Win Neil Gaiman and join The Darkleian Revolution

While we’re busy in the Greyhart Garret working on books due out in the New Year, I thought I’d spread some news from other contributors to the world of independent speculative fiction. NewCon Press are giving away a hardback edition, signed by … Continue reading

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Why I publish poetry

When I started Greyhart Press, I didn’t expect to publish poetry. Mind you, I didn’t expect to publish other authors either, so I don’t have a good track record for precognition! Gill Shutt’s manuscript for The Legends of Light changed that. … Continue reading

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Two high fantasy eBook launches today!

We’re launching two books today: The Legends of Light (a six-poem saga for adults and young adults, crafted to be enjoyed by those who would not normally read poetry), and The Quest for Elena the Fair. The latter is the complete first poem … Continue reading

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