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Curl up with some bargain dark thrills while you still can…

This is the last week for our Two Books for Two Bucks promotion we’re running on the acclaimed supernatural thrillers from Thomas Rydder: The Clearing and Restless Souls: 3 Dark Fables.   

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The Cookie Tin Collection… it’s another new book

Another September launch is a debut collection from Nigel Edwards, The Cookie Tin Collection. Details below. This will be available in paperback at FantasyCon. For no reason other than prioritizing time in this very busy month, this will be our … Continue reading

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Who’s sandwiched between Maeve Binchy and Nick Hornby in the Amazon charts…?

… answer: our very own Nigel Edwards. I’m proud that readers from continental Europe are buying (and hopefully enjoying) our English language eBooks. I don’t often check our sales figures, though, as the volumes are so low. But the low volumes … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ghostly Stories by James Everington

If you visit your local bookstore, or browse online, and look at the titles in the horror/paranormal section, what do you see? Vampires. Zombies. Vampires. Werewolves. Vampires. Cthulhu. Zombies. Vampires. All well and good, but the current vogue for such … Continue reading

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Where Greyhart Press leads, Random House and Penguin follow

Okay, so the big publishers are probably not keeping a nervous eye specifically on our little outfit, but I felt pretty smug reading the current edition of The Bookseller, to find out that, in the UK, the Big Six are … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak: The First Last Robot

Here’s a draft cover for a forthcoming short story. The story reminded me of ‘Golden Age’ Asimov, and so that was the effect I wanted in the cover. What do you reckon? BTW: it might look as if there should … Continue reading

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