Last Man Through the Gate (novella)

Read Review RepeatLast Man Through the Gate – a novella by Tim C. Taylor

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“The plot continues turning the further you get into it, never allowing the reader to stop reading since they already know the ending. And what an ending it is!” review

“As with the best in this genre, it was driven by the compelling and believable characters, with the technology being a backdrop not the focus.” review

Codrin has money, even status. A professor, no less. Not bad considering he’s only a Shreb. Until one day he loses it all, and has no choice but to gamble his family’s fate on a one-way ticket across the Gate. On the other side, in another world, he’ll build a new life.

Except there is something wrong with the Gate…

Steampunk collides with time-travel to inspire this story of isolation, hope, and revelation.

At 22,000 words, this Greyhart Press novella would be about 90 pages in paperback.

“Like some hybrid of Van Vogt and Charles Harness, Tim C. Taylor surprises us with worlds at strange angles to ours, and to each other, in a delicious piece of writing which ramps up excitingly through time distortions, grief, conflict, and peril, to paradoxical revelation. An excellent and provocative read.” — Ian Watson on Last Man Through the Gate. (Ian is an award-winning writer, author of seminal Warhammer 40k novels, and co-wrote the motion picture ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ with Stanley Kubrick)

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Click here to read a free online sample of the first chapter. (But please note that the formatting in Amazon’s sampler widget is not as good as it will look on your eReader)


30 Nov 11: Author Tim C. Taylor interviewed about Andy Bigwood’s artwork for Last Man Through the Gate

27 Oct 11: Author Tim C. Taylor talks about the world of Last Man Through the Gate with Lynn Hubbard

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14 Responses to Last Man Through the Gate (novella)

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  6. raitostory says:

    Sounds interesting enough. Ill take a look.

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  9. Red Tash says:

    Sounds good!

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  11. styman says:

    Last Man Through the Gate
    this is a modern book. if you are into time travel, multidimensions , and multiworlds, go no
    Taylor handles all with ease. you can see your self making the trip along with Prof. Cordrin,
    his main character. you won’t be disappointed.

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  13. Kylie says:

    I enjoyed readingg your post

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