Free e-books!

At Greyhart Press we are so proud of the quality of our stories that we want to give them away. Below are the download links to the free SF, fantasy, and horror e-books currently on promotion. Come back often as we will change this list frequently.

No strings attached. No registration. No payment details. No subscription. We simply think that you will enjoy our free stories so much that you will want to explore the rest of our range, and with our stories at around half the price of a cup of coffee we hope you feel you can indulge yourself in some quality indie fiction.

If you follow a link to a download site, please verify that the price is indeed free before purchasing. This is especially true for the Amazon Kindle Store because Amazon do not allow indie publishers, such as ourselves, to set a free list price. They do allow some Kindle books to be free, but only at their discretion.

Read Review RepeatFinally, if you review a free book that is eligible for our READ! REVIEW! REPEAT! promotion, then you can claim a full-price book for free. As of November 2011, all our books are eligible, so if you’re quick you can earn all our range for free. See this page for more details.

 Free Book #13 – The Reality War Book1 (time travel adventure novel)

“The concept of time-travel, paradox and alternate reality has always been mind-blowing and now a mind-blowing novel to live up to it.  Hollywood check this out!” —Bookish Things 5 stars

eBook available for free at Smashwords | Kobo | Apple iTunes | Sony | Nook. Currently price-matched by Amazon to be free at (US-only) , but check price first before downloading.

Free Book #12 – The City of Khar (YA fantasy short story)

Is the City of Khar a trap set for the unwary, or is Karshoom’s mind too weak to appreciate its grandeur? Read for yourself and decide.

Gain a glimpse into the worlds within the Repository of Imagination.

Read it now on our website

Free Book #11 – Percy and Me ‘neath the Yum Gum Tree (fantasy poetry)

Open your mind to the hypnotic rhythms of this double-sestina poem

Read it now on our website

Free Book #10 – Necroforms (horror short story)

Do the dead find rest? Sometimes, but not in the way you might think!

Chill your bones with this very English horror short.

“… a haunting for the guts.”amazon review comment

Available free at Smashwords | | Barnes & Noble | iTunes US  UK CA | Kobo (prices checked Jan 9th 2013)

Free Book #9 – Garrison (Military fantasy/ SF novelette)

Starship Troopers meets archers and spider-cavalry in this military fantasy novelette from an ex-RAF author who knows how the military really works.

“I was transposed back to the time 60years ago when we scraped slit trenches into the ground and laid in the path of an advancing group of tanks.” – 5* amazon review comment

Free at |  iTunes US |  iTunes UK | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Diesel | Sony  | Kobo (prices checked Jan 9th 2013 — no longer free at

Free Book #8 – The Quest for Elena the Fair (High fantasy poem)

Harry Potter meets Beowulf in a YA high fantasy tale told in poetry. This eBook contains the complete first poem from a six-poem saga called The Legends of Light.

“I am normally not a poetry fan but the idea of this kept me reading straight through to the end.” – 5* Barnes & Noble review

Free at Barnes & Noble (Nook) | iTunes US UK  CA  | Smashwords | Diesel |  |Kobo | Sony Prices last checked 12th Mar 2012 when it was not free at

 Free Book #7 – The Meandering Mayhem of Thogron Throatbiter (SF short story – humor)

“… fast-paced, sarcastically funny and based on Brian Blessed at his most bombastic self with a pastiche of Joe Haldeman’s ‘The Forever War’.”— 5* amazon review comment

Brian Blessed-inspired interstellar mayhem as marauding space-barbarians rampage through the galaxy. But when you’ve conquered everything before you, what happens next?

This book is currently free at | | Smashwords | iTunes US  UK  CA  | Barnes & Noble  | diesel  | Sony | Kobo (prices last checked Mar 12th)

Follow this link for more details about this story, including an interview with the author.



Special Promotion #5  – READ… REVIEW… REPEAT

Follow us on Twitter and read all our books… for free! See our READ…REVIEW…REPEAT page for more details. UPDATE: you don’t need Twitter to follow this promotion

Special Promotion #3  – Welcome Home, Janissary by Tim C. Taylor (SF short story)

This one is published by NewCon Press, not us, as a free story to promote their new anthology Further Conflicts. It’s also related to my novel, The Reality War. Since I’m the author and it fits with the Real Story Manifesto, I decided to share this with you.

“According to Taylor’s author biography, he is working on a novel connected to the story, which may account for the richness and depth of the worldbuilding and the care taken in characterization.” – Strange Horizons

When reinforcements replenish the depleted ranks of human slave soldiers, they bring with them a dangerous pride in Earth and dreams of mutiny against the unseen alien masters. But for Escandala, the unfolding nightmare is not war or mutiny, but her son. The aliens have altered him, driving them apart.

As for her son, he just wants to go home…

Download for free from Barnes & Noble (Nook) (free)| iTunes US  UK  CA (all free) | Diesel (free) | Smashwords (free) | Kobo (free)

12 Responses to Free e-books!

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  2. zither says:

    I would pick one up on my Kindle but it cannot open a second window.

  3. Pingback: READ… REVIEW… REPEAT (how to read all our books for free) | Greyhart Press

  4. Athanasios says:

    I’m an indie author and would like to offer two of my books for free downloads.
    They are currently available in mobi, epub, pdf, rtf, pdb, html, Javascript, lrf.

    They are :
    Mad Gods Volume I @:
    Mad Gods Volume II @:

    Are there sites where I can upload my work and make it available to all for free?
    If you have any information please contact me @:

    • timctaylor says:

      First of all, good luck with your Mad Gods books and your writing in general.

      I see you are publishing through Smashwords. That’s great; let Mark Coker’s excellent lot do the heavy lifting and convey the free price through the Premium Catalog distribution to further retailers such as Apple iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

      You might also list your free publications through for a boost in downloads (note the number of e’s in the URL)

      Wattpad is a good venue to list free books too.

      BTW: I took a while to reply because I had to fish your comment out of the ‘potential spam’ list. WordPress put it there because you have a lot of links. That’s a default WordPress setting. Just letting you know because other blogs might do the same.

      Best wishes,

  5. Sounds great! I think I might try this out. Thinking I’ll start with Waif.

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