Lauren J. Hasbrouck

Lauren talks about herself and the influences for her fantasy series: The Lineage of Tellus

I’m Lauren, AKA Lo or Lola, a geek and gamer girl from Gainesville. I’ve led a rather ordinary life filled with wonderful people (and some who weren’t, but let’s not get into that), and I’m thrilled to be able to pursue my passion for writing. I contemplated being an artist, but images alone weren’t enough to tell the stories I wanted to tell, so I decided: why not try both?

As a child from Florida who read Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels, I was led to believe that Florida (upon which it was based) was a land of fantasy. And although Florida has some rather …. interesting … stories, it really isn’t as exciting as Xanth. So I was inspired to create my own world and populate it with witty and sexy characters that were compelling but rooted in reality.

My influences include the aforementioned fantasy series, the dialogue and relationships in the Dragon Age games by Bioware, and the music I listened to as I wrote. If you want to capture the true feeling of my writing, you really need to listen to Dragonette’s peppy, raunchy, and eclectic music. And Garbage, those masters of sultry empowerment and torment, for the darker and more dramatic scenes. I suppose the broad-minded sexuality was also in the vein of Torchwood (I’ve met John Barrowman, Burn Gorman, and Gareth David-Lloyd, and I was majorly geeking out!), and the somewhat realistic fantasy was also encouraged by my devouring of the A Song of Ice and Fire series by the fantastic George R. R. Martin. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Also, if you can’t quite imagine Ashei’s voice, please watch Downton Abbey and listen to Lady Mary talk.

Ultimately, my main inspirations were the relationships I formed with my loved ones and the triumphs and tribulations of my own childhood. Everyone wants to escape to a fantastic world, but the most fantastic thing about life can be found in our own world: The strength of our bonds with one another. If I want you to take anything away from this novel, it’s that life is about the joy you find in your relationships, and the lessons you learn from overcoming the issues within them. We can’t do everything on our own, after all, and it’s far more fun with a lover, friend, or family member. Also, stand up for what you believe in, but be willing to broaden your mind. I’m not aiming to be preachy, but so much of our youth today feels pressured by bullying and their own insecurities that I hope that my message reaches them in whatever way it can.

Thanks again for reading, and for reading this as well.


Love, Lola


Publisher’s note: Lauren is a talented artist, as you’ll see if you buy her books. We’ve posted artwork from her first book elsewhere, so here are some thumbnails of images from later books in the series.

Shiruka_pb BookTwo_pb BookThree_pb Ashei Sketch


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