The Cookie Tin Collection

Available now in paperback (pp144 from  | ) and eBook (  |  | smashwords  | Sony | Barnes & Noble  | Kobo coming soon to iTunes)

‘What would you do with a machine that forced you to feel the emotions of other people? What would it do with you?’

‘When the garrison of a remote fort is cut off by spider cavalry, what is the old veteran prepared to do to keep his unit alive?’

‘What drives the nice widow who lives in Little Twee Cottage to consider adding anti-personnel mines to her vegetable garden’s defences?’

Nigel Edwards poses these and other questions in this collection of five quirky and thoughtful fantasy stories.

Praise for Nigel’s writing:

“Well-written” doesn’t even begin to describe Ferryman; it’s engrossing.” — Book Brouhaha

“Suffused with surreal charm.” — Ian Whates

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