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A new author joins the ranks of Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt, and Douglas Adams.

Published today, ‘Badger’s Waddle’, a novel of impeccably good manners that is very, very rude!   It’s out now — the quirky new masterpiece of British fantasy humor. If you’re in between Discworld novels, read this book! If you want … Continue reading

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A list of forthcoming titles in 2012

We’ve been making so many announcements about forthcoming titles, that it’s easy to lose track. So here’s a list of what’s forthcoming and confirmed in 2012 (there are several more that remain unconfirmed). There will be some eBook-only titles too, but this … Continue reading

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Win Neil Gaiman and join The Darkleian Revolution

While we’re busy in the Greyhart Garret working on books due out in the New Year, I thought I’d spread some news from other contributors to the world of independent speculative fiction. NewCon Press are giving away a hardback edition, signed by … Continue reading

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Harry Potter, Halloween Horror for the Nook, and Thogron’s Apple

Mark West’s horror eBooks have just popped up on the Barnes & Noble Nook store. If grief and coughing ghosts is your idea of a good Halloween read, try The Mill, originally from the BFS award-nominated anthology We Fade to … Continue reading

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READ REVIEW REPEAT for non-tweeps

Our READ… REVIEW… REPEAT…! promotion is designed to reward you with free eBooks if you tell the world what you think of our range. Read a book… review it… and we’ll send you the next one for free. Simple! More … Continue reading

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October promotion: read The Cookie Tin for free

Our author, Nigel Edwards, has been winning himself some good reviews and comments in recent months. Find out why… for free. What if you possessed a device that allowed others to feel your emotions? What would you do with it? … Continue reading

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Welcome to Greyhart Press

Dear visitor, I welcome you to our site where you will find details about our professional-quality eBooks. We specialize in speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other settings away from the banality of everyday modern life. We always offer … Continue reading

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