A list of forthcoming titles in 2012

We’ve been making so many announcements about forthcoming titles, that it’s easy to lose track. So here’s a list of what’s forthcoming and confirmed in 2012 (there are several more that remain unconfirmed). There will be some eBook-only titles too, but this list contains the ones that will published in both eBook and paperback editions. Paperbacks will be available online from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and the other EU amazon stores.

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in no particular order…

Added 25 May 12: Bridge of Blood by Philip McCormac — “A police detective thriller and horror adventure set in Northern Ireland where priests must confront the disbelief of modern society — and their own sins — to combat the threat of demonic possession.”

VampCon by Armand Inezian — “There is no escape from the vampire congregation in downtown Boston. All must attend; all must die.”

The Clearing by  Thomas Rydder — “An ancient evil stalks the wooded hills of western Pennsylvania.”

Alien Legends: The Repository of Imagination by Gill Shutt — “Lose yourself in wonder at the tales of far-off worlds stored in the Repository of Imagination.” YA: Suitable for children.

Engines of Life: Stories of Evolution by Andy West — “Sense the inner workings of the Universe in this collection of novelettes and novellas about evolution.”

Unauthorized Contact: Skyfire Chronicles by Paul Melhuish — “Give Sii Terminus an order, and he’ll disobey it on principle. In this collection of short stories set in the Skyfire Universe, follow the misadventures of a younger Terminus, and travel  in time all the way back to pre-Decline Earth to experience where it all started to go wrong.”

The Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone by Don Franklin — “There’s a patch of land in Washington D.C. where nothing seems to go right. They say the Reaper can be seen walking the perimeter at night. Well, the rumors are true; there’s a curse on that land, and that curse reaches its climax… today!”

Badger’s Waddle by Nigel Edwards — “Imagine the quintessential English village: the summer fête on the green, the medieval parish church, the whitewashed cottage where a widow quietly tends her garden. Imagine this village sent up by P.G. Wodehouse, and then reworked by Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams at their most outlandish. You’re now ready for… Badger’s Waddle.”

The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson — “It’s the near future. Even in the Scottish Highlands, there is no place to escape the nuclear hellfire. When the fabric of reality is ripped open by the nuclear explosions, people fall through… all the way back to 1746. Jacobite rebels are besieging the redcoats in Fort William, but whose side are the time travellers on? And can the catastrophic future be averted?”

Death Flu by Scott Brietzke — “When the flu came, there was no escape. Those who died, rose again as shambling parodies of life. Fleeing the zombies, Captain Repp teams up with a beautiful refugee called Sunshine. But Sunshine reveals there’s something far worse than the dead: her ex. And her ex is coming to get his girl back… Here’s Jack!

The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction by Tim C. Taylor — “Radlan has splintered reality. Through terrible sacrifices, another human reality has stabilized, one born to war… the Reality War. But it’s a war the humans are losing. Their only hope is the arch-meddler: Greyhart.”

Books already published in paperback

Paperbacks already available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

The Legends of Light by Gill Shutt — “A cross between Beowulf and Lord of the Rings” (amazon.com review comment). YA high fantasy saga written in verse.

Terminus by Paul Melhuish “…the horror is more horrifying because you care about the main character.” (amazon review comment) Space Opera horror in the Skyfire Universe.

The Mill by Mark West — “…amongst the very best in the ghost story tradition.” — This is Horror Ghostly novelette.

On the Edge by Gill Shutt (novelette) — “…definitely a book that will make you think.” (amazon review comment)

The Reality War Book1: The Slough of Despond by Tim C. Taylor  “The concept of time-travel, paradox and alternate reality has always been mind-blowing and now a mind-blowing novel to live up to it.  Hollywood check this out!” —Bookish Things Time Travel adventure set in Bedford and Elstow. If you enjoy reading Stephen Baxter, you’ll love this.

Try Greyhart books in 2012; it’s shaping up  to be a vintage year !

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at humanlegion.com
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