Greyhart editor releases debut adventure fantasy with an exotic setting

Ashamet-CoverCongratulations to Terry Jackman, who did a great job editing some Greyhart titles a while ago, because her debut novel is on pre-order now, published by Dragonwell Publishing.

I haven’t read the book myself, but I have read Terry’s work before, and it is very good. Hence I’ve pre-ordered a copy myself from Amazon. I suspect Ashamet, Desert Born would go down particularly well for readers of our Greyhart fantasy series: The Lineage of Tellus.

“Headstrong was the least they said about me. Unpredictable, a wicked sense of humour? Gods, I hoped so.”

 A desert world. An empire where females are rare and males turn to each other for love.

And for Ashamet, its prince, a suddenly uncertain future…


All Ashamet wants is the warrior life he already has. But then a divine symbol appears on his arm, closely followed by an attempt on his life. Now nothing is simple any longer, even less so when a new and very foreign slave seems shocked by both his new surroundings – and his master’s amorous attentions.

Could this innocent young male hold the key to Ashamet’s survival? And to his heart?

Further details from Dragonwell Publishing.

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Second Part of The Lineage of Tellus — out now.

Tellus_Bk2_Cover09_flat_frontonly_800px_159dpiPoison & Passion is out today in Kindle and a luxuriant illustrated paperback edition.

If you enjoy classic fantasy adventure quests, with evil sorcerers, dragons, romance, not-at-all evil sorcerers, pirates, and treasure maps, and you enjoy indulging in a little broad-minded raunchiness, then you should throw away all your current book-reading places and read Poison & Passion instead. Even better, read Memories & Murder first, but you do not need to read the first book to enjoy the second.

Here’s some nice things people have said after reading Memories & Murder:

“… a solid adventure interspersed by intimate interpersonal exploration…” — Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series.

 “The story and characters are so real and likeable…as they go from one crisis to another that you can’t help but get involved. I laughed and cried with them as they go on their exciting undertaking.” — 5* customer review

 “Give this book a try! You will be surprised at this modern cheeky take on fantasy.” — 5* customer review

We think Poison & Passion is even better. Here’s a snippet to show you what we mean.

Finn wasn’t able to sleep for long. He awoke with a start, covered in sweat, and quickly swatted a hand to his side to feel for Tris. It landed on the familiar swell of his back, which jerked slightly at the sudden touch.

Tristane reached an arm back and swatted him dismissively. “Stop messing about, Finn. Not now. Too tired.” He immediately fell back asleep and started to snore gently.

Why haven’t I been sleeping well? And what’s with these dreams? Finn ran a hand through his messy hair and shook his head, pulling the sheets off of him. Elder knew he’d had enough bad dreams before. That was how his memory had come back to him. Ashei’s mom—HIS mom—dying by his hand, and Varrus’s innocent sister … they had been nightmares that he hadn’t known were memories. The fact that it had been his father to blame for it all hurt more than anything. Yet, had he not been sent to Grenvale and Fleurdan, he never would have met Tris or any of them.

He looked back to the sleeping boy, who breathed deeply and steadily. “If it weren’t for you,” Finn thought aloud, sweeping back the tumble of silver from Tris’s fluttering lashes, “I might not be here. You mean more to me than you could possibly know.”

He kissed his cheek gently, the simple gesture unable to convey the depth behind it. Without him he might have lost his mind as his father had. He felt at times like he might still, but Tris was always there to talk to him, to hold him, to just be with him. It was a beautiful bond, one he had never thought he could have and still didn’t fully realize the scope of.

He got out of bed and stretched, the chilled air from the window cooling his warm body. Suddenly, a searing pain tore at his head and he grabbed it, cursing while falling to his knees.

What in—?

He could bear pain, but this was something far worse. He’d only had twinges before, but this was infusing him with a hot, deep throbbing that made his head feel like it was a drum being beaten by a blacksmith’s hammer. Finn buried his face in his hands as the heat spread to his nose in an agonizing torrent, then he gasped as blood dripped to the stone floor beneath him. What in blazes was going on with him? This wasn’t because of the Magus earlier, was it? It couldn’t be stress.

Shards of pain assaulted him so suddenly that he screamed, waking Tristane out of a dead sleep. He scrambled out of bed and darted over to Finn, grabbing him. “Finn? What’s wrong?” He smoothed back his hair to look into his eyes, then spied the blood. “Your nose … oh, Elder,” his hands drifted down to Finn’s chest, “you’re bleeding all over! Where did these cuts come from?”

Finn looked down. Blood was everywhere, smeared and streaming down his chest, his stomach, his legs…


For the Kindle version click here. And here for the paperback.

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The second Tellus book is available for pre-order, and it’s a cracker!

Tellus_Bk2_Cover09_flat_frontonly_800px_159dpi Kindle eBook available to pre-order

for release April 9th 2015

“… a solid adventure interspersed by intimate interpersonal exploration…” — Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series on The Lineage of Tellus.

Greyhart Press is delighted to publish Poison & Passion: book 2 of The Lineage of Tellus, a high fantasy series for fans of adventure, dry wit, and broad sexuality. Written by author and illustrator Lauren J. Hasbrouck. The second book in the series gets straight into the action. Lovers become enemies, and dark truths are revealed as the struggle for the world gathers pace. For maximum reading pleasure, read the first book beforehand, but that isn’t necessary to enjoy reading this book.

If you pre-order (at the reduced price of 99cents), Amazon’s Whispersynch will deliver the Kindle edition to your devices by magic on April 9th. Let’s see if we can get this book up the charts because it certainly deserves to be a resounding success.

Ashei Greyhawke just inherited the realm of Fleurdan – and a wealth of problems. Her friends have left her for their lovers, her bodyguard wants to do more to her body than guard it, and her unstable brother—the murderer of their mother—has gone missing, presumed cursed. The dragon seen flying around has to be him, surely …

Join Ashei and her companions on a journey of sacrifice and struggle to save her brother… or kill him.

Poison & Passion, is the second book in The Lineage of Tellus, a high fantasy series for fans of adventure, dry wit, and broad-minded sexuality. You don’t need to have read the first book in order to join the adventure with Poison & Passion.

Some illustrations from Poison & Passion:

0_1_EB 1_EB 5_EB 11_EB




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It’s Christmas

From Greyhart Press, wishing you a Happy Christmas and a most excellent New Year.

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These are brilliant books.

Nigel Edwards

The Scrapdragon The 4th in The Scrapdragon series of Tom-Tom Burrow Adventures

And so we come to the last book in the Scrapdragon series of Tom-Tom Burrow Adventures.   Now all four are available worldwide on Kindle through Amazon.   Read, Enjoy, Tell Your Friends!!!

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Describe your scariest school experience: and win this fabulous YA paranormal adventure

Describe your scariest school experience and win this fabulous new YA paranormal adventure.

The Repository of Imagination

An ancient evil is surfacing. It’s in Jake’s school, in his house… and his blood!

TheTherions_ebook_Final_200px_96dpiIf you didn’t know him well, you’d think Jake had it made. He’s the best player in the school soccer team, and a lot of the girls at school can’t help giving him admiring glances that even his green eyes and good looks can’t explain. All Jake wants, though, is to fit in and be a normal 17-year-old.

But that’s not going to happen.

For when the Therions come to collect their human harvest, the only people who could prevent them are Jake and Vicky Harris, a girl from his class who doesn’t even like him.

One of the most compelling features of The Therions is that there are no safe places for Jake or Vicky to hide. School teachers, school friends: some are victims of the emerging evil, and some might be its perpetrators…

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New YA paranormal adventure ready to pre-order

An ancient evil is surfacing. It’s in Jake’s school, in his house… in his blood. Published by our YA sister imprint, The Repository of Imagination. 

This is the first time we’ve used Amazon’s pre-order tool. Buy the book now at the special pre-launch price — sounds good to me.


~ They’re in the shadows. They’re everywhere! ~

Jake thinks he’s just an ordinary schoolboy. Scraping a pass on his tests while doing the least amount of work, attracting admiring glances from girls, hanging with mates, and scoring goals for the soccer team: just ordinary things.

But Jake is far from normal. And his family? His sister is missing, his father changed, and his brother dead… or so Jake thinks; the truth is far more shocking.

When his school friends start to disappear, and with petite Vicky Harris the only person he can trust as his world collapses around him, it’s time for Jake to learn the truth.

The Therions are out there.

And they’re almost ready to reap their human harvest.

‘The Therions’ will grip fans of YA paranormal adventures. 

The Kindle edition of The Therions is available to pre-order now for delivery on Monday at a special launch price of 99c/ 77p.

Follow this link for the pre-order page.

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