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Alien story collector teams up with human publisher to deliver Alien Legends

Galaxy-spanning alien organization The Repository of Imagination opens its story portal for young adults on Earth and releases a first book of tales from other worlds. Commenting on the news, Senior Repositarian Crustias Scattermush said, “I am delighted to announce … Continue reading

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The story portal is opening on your world…

Keep an eye out this week for announcements and free stories from our YA partner, The Repository of Imagination. The senior branch repositarian is busy updating the site. Here’s his card…

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A Christmas message from Crustias Scattermush

Over on our sister website, ATaleForATale.com, there’s a Christmas message from Crustias Scattermush for young human readers. There’s some exciting news, and a homemade Christmas card. Whether that’s Crustias in the picture, I can’t say. Crustias is the senior branch Repositarian … Continue reading

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Today we launch our new YA imprint: ‘The Repository of Imagination’

Somewhat earlier than planned, today sees the launch of a Greyhart offshoot for YA and children’s books: The Repository of Imagination. The idea of splitting off YA books under a separate label and website has been building for a while. … Continue reading

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