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‘Special offer’ VampCon is KND Kindle Fire book of the day

VampCon — our vampire thriller from Armand Inezian — is the Kindle Fire book of the day over at Kindle Nation Daily.  Now’s a good time to try it out as the Kindle version of the book is 25% off at … Continue reading

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Teasers… Dead Edit Redo/ Dead to Rights

A couple of days ago I wrote about our forthcoming duo of horror, poetry and good medicine: Dead to Rights and Dead Edit Redo. Here’s a little more to whet your appetite with a blurb for the novella: Dead Edit Redo … Continue reading

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The Reaper’s Walk-ing further afield…

Don Franklin’s novel Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone was published a few weeks ago and the Reaper has been busy spreading to new retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Sony ReaderStore and Kobo. Here’s the latest list of retail sites PAPERBACK | and EBOOK | |  Smashwords | Barnes … Continue reading

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A Circularity of Glosas

What is a glosa and why should you care? Glosas are a form of poetry that’s seeing something of a revival at the moment, particularly in Canada, and in no small part due to poet P.K. Page. James Harbeck recently … Continue reading

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November 30th… it’s coming… DEATH FLU!

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Originally posted on Inezian's Notes.:
Special Thanks to Banchick Illustration and Black Moon Trailers for the design and development.

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Interview with a VampCon! ~ From Citywide Blackout Radio

In case you missed it, we have embedded Armand Inezian’s VampCon Interview below (in three, easily-digestible segments!). Just click Play! Part the First: An introduction to VampCon + some background on the writing of said novel. (about 8 minutes) Part the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Inezian's Notes.:
I’m very excited to announce that I will be talking about VampCon on Citywide Blackout, a Boston-based radio show, and you can listen online. To catch the show just visit the UNregular Radio Website…

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Greyhart Press Photo Album- Rhode Island Comic-Con 2012

Last weekend two Greyhart authors- Armand Inezian and Don Franklin- and some affiliates took their book tours to Rhode Island Comic-Con! Then on to downtown and the convention center… Don and his son drove all the way from Vermont! Armand … Continue reading

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Backups are wonderful things…

Our main Greyhart computer has died 😦 Thank goodness it was well backed up and a lot of critical data was in the Cloud -:) So there’s some frantic work getting a replacement into operation but everything should be running … Continue reading

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