Backups are wonderful things…

Our main Greyhart computer has died 😦

Thank goodness it was well backed up and a lot of critical data was in the Cloud -:)

So there’s some frantic work getting a replacement into operation but everything should be running faster and shinier than before within a day or so.

When I used to run software teams, I gave staff a very hard time for losing valuable data if their hard disks died, as used to happen a lot more often in years gone by. There was no sympathy from me for professionals who hadn’t the discipline to back up their machines. These days it’s even easier with so much cloud storage, USB pendrives, USB hard drives, Dropbox etc.  though there’s usually something obscure that wasn’t considered in a backup plan.

Use my unfortunate experience and check you’re backed up today!

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2 Responses to Backups are wonderful things…

  1. says:

    You couldn’t be more correct totay. I’ve my personal computers on automatic back up to hard storage units.

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