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Your chance to win some great supernatural thrillers

As part of the launch of our collection of dark thrillers, Restless Souls: 3 dark fables, we’re running a promotion over at Goodreads.com for US  readers to win a copy of the paperback edition. Not only that, but we’re running … Continue reading

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Summer Scares: Follow the Reaper’s Walk for only 99 cents

In Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone, you’ll find packs of werewolves clashing and running in secret through South Carolina. If that’s your thing, get the eBook now, because we’re offering the novel at a special promotional offer of 99 cents through May … Continue reading

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BS alert! Amazon currently allows 7 days to return ebooks – and that MUST change. A petition you need to sign…

As you can read below, Amazon’s current return policy for e-books allows the buyer seven days to return any purchases. Seven days – more than enough time to read the longest of novels. This, of course, opens the door for … Continue reading

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The Clearing is now available from the Nookstore

There’s an ancient evil stalking the wooded hills of western Pennsylvania, and now you can read about it on your Nook in exchange for $2.99 at the Barnes & Noble Nookstore. Follow this link to the page on B&N. A … Continue reading

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Read vital facts about werewolves. Then win a werewolf novel.

Author Thomas Rydder has revved up his (virtual) tour bus once again and driven to a new stop, the Obsidian Poet website of Shannon McRoberts. Werewolf fans will devour his guest post about werewolves and then enter a competition to … Continue reading

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Werewolf allure: why Thomas Rydder feels the moon tug at his soul

Catch Thomas Rydder’s interview at The Sire, talking about his fascination with werewolves and creatures of the night. Thomas’s supernatural thriller, The Clearing, was published last week.

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Supernatural thriller, ‘The Clearing’ is published today.

Out now in PAPERBACK amazon.com ($11) | amazon.co.uk (£7) and EBOOK amazon.com ($2.99) | amazon.co.uk (£2.03) |  Smashwords ($2.99)  & coming soon to other eBook retailers. Fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz rejoice, the debut novel by Thomas Rydder is published today, March 1st. The novel begins when Professor Beth Lowe’s … Continue reading

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Brothers-in-arms in supernatural thriller, ‘The Clearing’

The Cutlip brothers — Frank the town sheriff, and Adam the professor of zoology — feature prominently in The Clearing by Thomas Rydder. They think themselves well armed against anything Nature can throw at them in the quiet wooded hillsides of Pennsylvania. But … Continue reading

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Dogs, wolves, and… others… in ‘The Clearing’

The supporting cast for The Clearing by Thomas Rydder includes canine and lupine members*. Author, Thomas Rydder, gets inside the animal mindset so effectively that you’ll have to watch you don’t start sniffing the air and howling at the moon. Here’s an … Continue reading

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Stephen King, Dean Koontz and ‘The Clearing’, a supernatural thriller

This week sees the publication of The Clearing by Thomas Rydder. One of the ways Dean Koontz and Stephen King stand out in my mind in comparison with other authors is the attention to detail with their characters. They are … Continue reading

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