BS alert! Amazon currently allows 7 days to return ebooks – and that MUST change. A petition you need to sign…

As you can read below, Amazon’s current return policy for e-books allows the buyer seven days to return any purchases. Seven days – more than enough time to read the longest of novels. This, of course, opens the door for any and all writers to lose significant amounts of money. If you are an author, or just a fair-minded reader, you need to sign this petition. It urges Amazon to change their policy, thereby assuring that authors get their hard-earned royalties. I’ll thank you in advance 🙂

Thomas Rydder                                                                                                                              Author of “The Clearing” on Greyhart Press

Ebook refund policy petitionClick on the image to access the petition!

Amazon’s current policy for E-books – from (

Returning Kindle Books

Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you’ll no longer have access to the book. To request a refund and return content, visit Manage Your Kindle, Click the Actions button next to the title you’d like to return, and select Return for refund, or contact customer service.

About Thomas Rydder

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. I'm a civil engineer in beautiful Charleston, SC, and recently decided to attempt writing fiction in the horror and suspense genres. On my site are links to helpful writing sites, book reviews, and someday soon, my books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'm married to a beautiful woman who manages to forgive me on a daily basis, and we have two dogs and two cats who all manage to be both mischievious and precious at the same time. In my spare time (which has decreased in size considerably), I also enjoy fishing, reading, genealogy, and watching my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.
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10 Responses to BS alert! Amazon currently allows 7 days to return ebooks – and that MUST change. A petition you need to sign…

  1. This is terrible! I’ve shared this on all my sites. Let’s hope that enough people sign the petition to make a change.

  2. 53bryanm says:

    I tried to go to the website and my system couldn’t find it…it keep coming up not found. Is it broken? I would sign if I could find it.

  3. fibrochimp says:

    Same here… no page found. I would, most certainly, sign it

  4. Gordon Taylor says:

    I tried with no luck. I clicked on the icon but only got a comment that Google couldn’t find the page.

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  6. Apologies, one and all….I didn’t set the shortcut up properly. It’s fixed now 🙂

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