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Congratulations to Mark West for his award nominations

A few days after the British Fantasy Society announced the shortlist for its awards this year (we didn’t get shortlisted), they posted the all the works that were nominated. Mark West was nominated for two books published last year, one … Continue reading

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A good weekend for our author Paul Melhuish

Horror author, Paul Melhuish, has had a smile on his face this weekend. He met someone at a literary festival who already knew him from reading his Greyhart-published stories. That’s pretty cool when you’re an indie author. His space-horror novel, … Continue reading

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There is no escape from… the Death Flu!

Imagine a disease: invisible, infiltrating. Everywhere. You cannot escape this virus. It will get you. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones with immunity, the Death Flu will kill you; it’s only a question of when. Though, perhaps, if you … Continue reading

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Are you brave enough to enter the mind of Paul Melhuish?

I loved this recent amazon review of Paul’s short story Necroforms. I think the reviewer found the story more than she bargained for. Not entirely her thing, but she wrote: “The imagination of the author is unreal, I sure wouldn’t have thought … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ghostly Stories by James Everington

If you visit your local bookstore, or browse online, and look at the titles in the horror/paranormal section, what do you see? Vampires. Zombies. Vampires. Werewolves. Vampires. Cthulhu. Zombies. Vampires. All well and good, but the current vogue for such … Continue reading

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Harry Potter, Halloween Horror for the Nook, and Thogron’s Apple

Mark West’s horror eBooks have just popped up on the Barnes & Noble Nook store. If grief and coughing ghosts is your idea of a good Halloween read, try The Mill, originally from the BFS award-nominated anthology We Fade to … Continue reading

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Fantastic Fall: update#1

I had hoped to announce a flurry of book launches last week. Unfortunately we did have a hold-up getting In the Rain with the Dead into the Amazon Kindle Store, but I’m happy to report that is now resolved. So … Continue reading

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Welcome to Greyhart Press

Dear visitor, I welcome you to our site where you will find details about our professional-quality eBooks. We specialize in speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other settings away from the banality of everyday modern life. We always offer … Continue reading

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