Win a paperback copy of The Legends of Light over at Goodreads.

We’ve listed a giveaway of The Legends of Light paperback over at, which runs until July 9th for US and UK readers
The Legends of Light by Gill ShuttThe Legends of Light
by Gill Shutt

Classic YA high fantasy: tales of magic, romance, and dark underground realms… told in verse!
Here’s what some recent online reviewers have said about The Legends of Light:

“… very refreshing, a completely different style and format.”— SF Book Reviews

“The poems all told a story, they were not abstract or vivid descriptions of nature…” — Larissa at Howling Turtle

“Adults and young adults will treasure this book.”

“.. .very much in Tolkien’s class.”

“… a cross between Beowulf and Lord of the Rings.”

A high fantasy saga in six poems. For adults and young adults. Crafted to be enjoyed by readers who do not normally read poetry, but do enjoy fantasies such as Eragon, The Lord of the Rings, and the sagas of Norse legend.

Each poem builds upon the last to weave a tapestry of magic, dark creatures, and romance.

This is a novella-length book. The stories are told over 91 pages.

Good luck!

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