In the Rain with the Dead (novel)

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“You hear people say that they were ‘sitting on the edge of their seats’… That describes what it’s like reading this book.” — Future Fire on the Pendragon Press edition

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In the Rain with the Dead

In the Rain with the Dead

Ten years after the incident with the Ouija board, Nadia and Jim meet at a friend’s funeral and fall in love again. This time, their love will be real and lasting. But their friend had raised from the dead a disciple of Satan named Magellan. When he smells the purity of Jim and Nadia’s affection, his master orders him to rend and corrupt their love. Magellan obeys with relish.

In the Rain with the Dead is both a horror novel and a romance set in the tired English town of Gaffney. But be warned, this is not a vampire-lite paranormal romance. Satan’s undead disciple is pure evil; there are a few very strong scenes indeed!

In the Rain with the Dead was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2005. This Greyhart Press eBook edition has been substantially revised since the original.

Cover artwork by BSFA Award winner, Andy Bigwood, with an internal illustration from the author.

Click here to read a free online sample of the first chapters. (But please note that the formatting in Amazon’s sampler widget is not as good as it will look on your eReader)

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Mark wrote an article in 2009 about his experiences writing In the Rain with the Dead. It’s a great read, but enjoy the book first! Then click here…

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    This was amazing!

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