Chart-topping spy thriller re-launched today

ToFreeASpy_ebook_final_smallI’m delighted to announce that we recently acquired worldwide rights to a hit thriller novel from 2013, To Free a Spy by Nick Ganaway. More importantly, today we have re-published Nick’s book as a Greyhart Press edition.

To Free a Spy is a political espionage thriller set in an America whose intelligence agencies are still reeling in the aftermath of the Edward Snowden affair. Author Nick Ganaway keeps the plot twisting and bucking throughout, leaving you guessing until the very end who is behind the Washington treachery.

I read and loved the book last year when Nick self-published his novel, reaching #1 on the espionage bestseller list on Amazon. Although the book had dropped from the top spot, the 5-star reviews kept getting posted to and many readers were comparing Nick very favorably to Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Lee Child and all the top thriller writers. I already knew Nick had written a great book and with so much evidence that others were agreeing with me, I got in contact with him about acquiring the rights. And here we are. I’m very proud to be publishing this book.

Nick Ganaway

Nick Ganaway

Washington establishment figures and FBI and CIA agencies rub shoulders with disaffected Soviet nuclear scientists, terrorists, and Tokyo pizza delivery boys. You can’t see the connections to begin with, but they are there and they feel very plausible because the author extensively researched his story. Nick recalled one experience: “My uninvited exploration of the CIA campus in Langley, VA, was not exactly welcomed with open arms by security officers at the entrance guardpost, who questioned my intentions and my sanity for having ignored the large warning sign and armored vehicle outside the campus entrance, and gave me clear orders where to wait for a reception ‘committee’. I persisted with my research, though, and want to express my appreciation to the CIA in Langley for responding to those of my questions that they could answer, and for their gracious way of saying ‘no’ when that had to be the response. I’m an avid fan of the Agency.”

We’ve posted the book’s prologue, and further information at our Spy page here.

Hurry up… the countdown has already begun…


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