What connects Edgar Allan Poe, John Milton, Herman Melville, and Gavriel Navarro?

… they’re all contributors of ‘crown stanzas’ to the forthcoming collection of Glosa poetry, Dead to Rights, by Canadian poet, Alain C. Dexter.

Take a look at the back cover for some more contributors…

Click on image for a closer view

Click on image for a closer view

Some of these names were unexpected, and some unknown to me. Here’s one example, a  13th-century poet making something comeback: Rumi.

Rumi (1207-1273) is enjoying a huge surge in popularity on Facebook and other social media sites, perhaps because of his quotability.  Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī, Mevlānā in Turkish, was a Persian mystic and poet who lived in Konya, Anatolia. An Islamic teacher and jurist, his life was transformed when he met Shams e-Tabrizi, a dervish who’d been awaiting his disciple all his life. Known for spontaneous public outpourings of ghazals, Persian verse, Rumi spent twelve years street-rapping six volumes of his master work, the Masnavi: his major theme, union with the Beloved, from whom we have cut ourselves off and yearn to return. His shrine in Konya is one of Turkey’s most popular pilgrimage and tourist sites.

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8 Responses to What connects Edgar Allan Poe, John Milton, Herman Melville, and Gavriel Navarro?

  1. Interesting…I just discovered Gavriel a couple months ago, and reblogged some of his poetry. Very talented man, and was delighted I took the time to publicize him. He’ll be thrilled when I blog this piece. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the article Tim! When Alain first asked me for an excerpt of one of my poems I thought he was kidding, and know all I can say is that I am truly humbled and by the honour to be part of his book of glosas! this was two years ago when we climbed mount Fuji but I will leave that story for a small essay I will write from that trip to making blush back 🙂

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