Sneek peek of 2013 release: Dead to Rights: a circularity of glosas

Here’s what I believe is called a cover reveal. I feel the term implies there should be some fancy webpage scripting that slides away a covering silk sheet accompanied by a drum roll. Well, I don’t know how to do that, so I’ll give the image to you straight.


Cover artwork by Karri Klawiter. Some back cover text yet to work out.


This is Dead to Rights: a Circularity of Glosas, a collection by Canadian poet, Alain C. Dexter, of  a mind-bendingly fun form of poetry known as the glosa . It will be partnered by a novella from Elaine Stirling called Dead Edit Redo which tells the (fictional?) story of how the glosas came to be written. Nothing is quite as it first appears, and that is all part of the huge charm of this pairing.

I’ve written some more about these books, and the real, possibly also metafictional, but always impressive Gavriel Navarro in my post last month entitled: What is a Glosa and Why Should You Care?

Having earlier today published worldwide a book set in Cardiff (Wales) , it makes me feel very international to realise that in addition to several books set in parts of America, we have a book set in Belfast and Northern Ireland, one in the Scottish Highlands of Lochaber, another in the English not-so-highlands of Bedfordshire, and Dead Edit Redo is set in Ontario. Where next? Well, let’s not forget Mesoamerica and the story, told in verse, of the real nature of the Mayan Longcount calendar. You’ve just got time to read it (details here) before the world ends in a couple of days. Hope to see you on the other side…

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