Death Flu Outbreak! Epidemic spreading throughout America and the world.

… Cases of Death Flu reported throughout continental United States … Unconfirmed sightings of flu victims returning to life … White House denies President has fled to secret bunker … Martial law declared, immediate effect! …

deathflu ebook

Death Flu

Death Flu: pray you won’t be a survivor…

Racists, murderers, rapists, and sociopaths — it seems that only the worst of America rises like human scum to the surface of a land shattered by the Death Flu. Only they have the strength to survive in a world where your neighbors and loved ones rise again after death, ravenous for your flesh.

In such a blighted world, would you really want to be one of the survivors?

And yet there are heroes too: men and women who battle to preserve at least some semblance of decency in a world gone insane. Their fight appears hopeless…

Death Flu — a novel you won’t dare to put down.

Not for the squeamish…

Zombie apocalypse

Available in paperback from |

eBook  editions:  Kindle ( |, ePUB: Smashwords and coming soon to iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at
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